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A New Billing System

I-55 and Datasync billing have been merged into the Xfone billing system as of July 24, 2006.

Many of the forms formerly available on this site are now no longer available due to the transition. Some things you can still do here are:

  • E-mail filtering and forwarding configuration
  • Retrieving past invoices (through July 2006 only)
  • Viewing charge, credit, and payment details (through July 22, 2006 only)
  • Dialup usage viewing
  • Password changes

The NEW Xfone account control center is located at:

Use the "register here" link the first time you visit the new site. You will need your Account Number and Invoice Number from a recent Xfone printed invoice. You will also need to choose a username and password for use on the new site. You may use your Datasync login and password but also may choose something else. Once registered, you may view Xfone invoices, make payments, enable email billing notices, and more.

Please use the secure links to the forms if possible. If your browser does not allow the use of encryption, we provide an unsecured link to these tools, however, we can not guarantee the security of your information via an unsecured connection.

Please make checks payable to Xfone. Send payments to:

Xfone / I-55 Internet Services
P.O. Box 1603
Hammond, LA 70404-1603


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