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Below you'll find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions Tech Support receives. You may want to check back often as we update these pages frequently.

Try out our IRC server where you can get live technical support in the #Support section. You may connect to our IRC server with either an IRC client or your web browser. (Your browser must be Java enabled in order to use the IRC server.)

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Support Scope

Tech Support provides assistance with the following: 

  • Configuring connection software to get you connected to Datasync Internet Services.
  • Configuring Web browser software.
  • Directions to access the Datasync Internet Services home page.
  • Configuring e-mail software.
  • Directions to send e-mail to Tech Support.

Content & Mail Filters

Datasync Intenet Services Safe Surf -- We at Datasync Internet Services  are proud to offer a premier Internet filtering service to our subscribers. We have selected X-Stop Internet filtering service, by 8e6 Technologies, for our subscribers to guarantee that you get the most effective, easy-to-use Internet filtering solution available. X-Stop is now currently serving millions of people in thousands of organizations across North America.

Datasync Internet Services Mail Filter -- Unsolicited commercial e-mail, commonly known as UCE or "spam" , is a fast growing problem on the Internet. Most ISPs, such as Datasync Internet Services, prohibit their subscribers from sending mass unsolicited e-mail. But, there are an increasing number of sites on the Internet which are set up for the express purpose of cranking out junk mail, however. This is why we are offering you the option of filtering out junk mail by address or entire domain so that you never have to see it.

FAQs and Configuration Instructions

We have a growing collection of online answers to many of our most Frequently Asked Questions as well as instructions for configuring popular Internet software packages. Check here first for answers to any questions you may have: 

Trouble Reports and Non-FAQs

We offer two ways to contact Tech Support for reports of system trouble and for assistance with questions not covered here.

E-mail Support is available at If you are able to log on and send/receive e-mail, this is how to obtain support. Support E-mail is checked regularly and answered immediately when possible. More difficult questions are filed into our Internal Trouble Reporting System so they are available to the entire Support Staff.

Telephone Support is available for critical issues such as problems getting online and reporting of service outages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to keep the telephone support lines as free as possible for these situations which cannot be handled any other way, please use E-mail Support for non-critical support issues whenever possible. We provide a local Tech Support phone number for all points of our primary service area. These are listed below. Note: All of the following numbers forward to our Support Center in Biloxi. If you get a busy signal on any the other numbers, all of the forwarded lines in your area may be busy, and you may be able to get through by calling the Biloxi number.

  • Toll Free Support Number: 1-888-DATASYNC
  • Biloxi Support Center: 228-435-8888
  • Jackson County: 228-872-0001
  • Hancock and West Harrison County: 228-452-0011
  • Mobile and Surrounding Area: 334-476-8155
  • George County: 601-947-9977
  • Stone County: 601-928-2452
  • Foley, AL: 800-599-7962
  • Poplarville: 601-795-6020
  • Picayune: 601-799-4080
  • New Orleans and Surrounding Area: 504-571-2300

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