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The Datasync Internet Bulletin Board is primarily a menu-based front end for our Shell and SLIP/PPP subscribers who don't want to deal with Linux command interpreters. What you may not know is that it also has local message board and chat capabilities. If you have a Shell or SLIP/PPP account with Datasync, telnet to our host and use your login and password as usual. SLIP/PPP users: do NOT put the 'P' in front of login name The Bulletin Board is your login shell by default, so you're there. You'll find many familiar Internet tools on the menus such as ftp, telnet, irc, lynx, gopher, archie, and TinyFugue, as well as mail and news readers and text versions of some popular Internet guides.

Shell users: If you've changed your login shell, enter bbsh on the command line to get into the bulletin board.

If you have the Telnet-only account, telnet to our host and enter bbs at the login prompt. Then you'll have to enter your Datasync login and password. Your options will be somewhat limited, however.

Finally, if you're not a Datasync subscriber, you may telnet to our host and login as guest.

If the telnet links in this document don't work, you don't have a telnet client installed on your system (or, if you're on an online service, you just don't have telnet access). If you are using Windows and Netscape or a similar browser over a SLIP/PPP connection, you can find a list of popular telnet clients here. Simply install a telnet program on your system and configure your browser to call it when you follow a telnet link. In Netscape, this is under Options..Preferences..Helper Apps.


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