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June 13, 2002: Forwarding and redirecting of messages is now supported. These functions may be found beneath Reply in the message display.

February 7, 2000: Message display in a more printer-friendly format has been added. There is now a "Reload message formatted for printing" link in the message display. Select it to reload the message without the full headers and the Reply form.

The login ID is usually all lower case. Do not enter your whole e-mail address, i.e. don't put @datasync.com or @ametro.net after it. Be sure to observe correct case when entering the password

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Web Based E-Mail README

Last updated: June 13, 2002

New Features in Version 1.3 (6/13/02)
  • Messages may now be forwarded or redirected. There is currently no provision for inserting text into a forwarded message. Full headers may be included for spam-reporting purposes. If full headers are selected, the entire message is sent as a text file; attachments are not preserved.
New Features in Version 1.2 (4/6/99)
  • The authentication token is now saved in a cookie. This allows Web Mail to work through multiple-proxy systems such as that used by the AOL Browser. AOL users should no longer get the "token expired" error.
  • The From address when sending or replying now defaults to [your-login]@datasync.com instead of [your-login]@ametro.net. If you wish to use a datasync.com, comm.net, or other email address when sending, you may now save your From address instead of changing it every time.
  • Some error messages have been rewritten to make more sense.
  • A few other very minor bugs have been fixed.

Wish List

These are a few features I would like to add. I can't estimate any completion dates at this time.
  • SSL (secure server) support on this server.
  • Ability to include message text in replies.
  • Support for sending attachments, for browsers which support file upload.


This service has been developed in response to two mail-related needs in particular:

  1. Checking mail from a computer other than your own without having to configure e-mail software.
  2. Easily and quickly deleting huge messages from your mailbox without having to download them.

It is not designed as a replacement for e-mail client software such as Eudora or Microsoft Internet Mail. This system will never match the powerful set of features included in these and other POP e-mail clients. We recommend that you use a real e-mail client for everyday use and this web-based solution only when needed, such as the two situations described above.


Datasync Internet's Web-Based E-mail allows you to read and delete messages from your datasync.com or ametro.net mailbox with any web browser. Attachments are supported. Each attachment may be displayed by your browser, passed to an external program, or saved to disk depending on the browser's configuration.

The format of the index and message display pages may change based on feedback and as more features are added.

A rudimentary message origination and message reply capability are now available. Sending of attachments is not yet supported.


Speed was a major factor in the design of this system. Large messages, or large numbers of messages, do take time to process however. Expect to wait a few seconds per megabyte when selecting a large message for display for it to count the size of a huge attachment. If you choose to download a huge attachment over a modem connection, it will take a while, just like downloading any other large file.

Deleting messages from huge mailboxes will also take some time. Allow 3-5 seconds per megabyte in your mailbox. Resist the urge to press Stop if the deletion seems to take too long, because it will continue deleting anyway and when you return to the index it will be out of sync and you'll have to logout and back in to correct it.

There is a limit to how many messages can be deleted at one time. An error message will be displayed if you try to delete too many at once. The limit is somewhere around 100 messages.

If It Doesn't Work...

If you can't read messages because your browser isn't accepting cookies, see below.

While we've tested this system on many types of messages from many different e-mail composition programs, there is still a distinct possibility that you may run into a message which gives it indigestion. Should this be the case, please report it to us and leave the offending message in your mailbox, since we will need the headers from it to determine where things went wrong.

Also, if the system does not work right with your browser please let us know what went wrong and what browser you are using. We've tried it with Internet Explorer 3 and 4, Netscape 3 and 4, and Lynx.

Comments or trouble reports to: info@xfoneusa.com

Configuring Browsers To Accept Cookies

Here are some instructions for configuring popular browsers to accept cookies. These steps should be similar, but perhaps not identical, for earlier or later versions of these browsers.

Netscape Navigator or Communicator 4.x
  • Select Edit..Preferences from the menu bar.
  • In the box labeled Category, select Advanced.
  • The cookie setting is toward the bottom right. Select Accept all cookies or Accept all cookies that get sent back to the originating server.
  • Select OK.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
  • Select View..Internet Options from the menu bar.
  • Select the tab labeled Advanced.
  • Scroll down in the settings box until you see a section labeled Cookies. Select Always accept cookies or Prompt before accepting cookies.
  • Select Apply, then OK.

If you still need help, please contact Datasync Internet Support.


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