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Regimental Flag in the Maine State Musuem
Dyer's Summary of Action for the 14th
Civil War Soldier and Sailors System, National Park Service
Maine State Archives Summary of Action
Regimental History from 1866 AG's Report
Chalmette National Cemetary Listings by the US Civil War Center
(100 men of the 14th are buried at Chalmette)
Report of Col. Nickerson, Engagement at Baton Rouge, August 8, 1862 (OR)
Ordered to Army of the Potomoc
US Army Military History Institute Bibliography (will spawn .doc viewer)
I will eventually add the complete Rosters of the 14th Regiment and the Battalion 14th Regiment below from the Maine Adjutant General's Report. Until completed, e-mail below and I'll do look-ups. Currently staff and field personnel (officers & enlisted) and officers, sergeants, corporals, musicians, and wagoners of the line companies, and the privates of Companies A, B C, D, E and F are entered.

of the
of the
Adjutant General
of the
State of Maine,
for the years
1864 and 1865

Being that portion of the Report which comprises a return of the several Regiments
and Corps which have entered the United States' service from this State,
showing the changes that have taken place from November 1st,
1863, to November 1st 1865. Also, Tables of Statistics of
general interest relating to the several Regi-
ments and Corps, and Alphabetical
Roster of Commissioned Officers.



Final Record of the Field and Staff of the Fourteenth Regiment Infantry, Maine Volunteers, showing changes which have taken place by promotion, resignation or otherwise, from November 15th, 1863, to January 13th, 1865, when mustered out of the U. S. service by Major J. W. T. Gardiner, U. S. A.

Final Record of [the following Companies], Fourteenth Regiment Infantry, Maine Volunteers, showing the changes which have taken place from November 15th, 1863, date of the return published in Adjutant General's Report for 1863, to January 13th, 1865, when mustered out of the United States' service by Major J. W. T. Gardiner, U. S. A.

Captain Charles Barnard's Company A
Captain Richard W. Mullen's Company B
Captain Andrew F. F. Hall's Company C
Captain James W. Wiswell's Company D
Captain Orlando W. Trask's Company E
Captain John K. Laing's Company F
Captain George H. Cheney's Company G
Captain Winslow Robert's Company H
Captain Ira B. Gardiner's Company I
Captain Edward A. Skinner's Company K


Composed of the re-enlisted men and recruits of the Fourteenth Regiment Infantry, organized into a Battalion of four companies, lettered A, B, C and D, by Special Order No. 117, Par 4., Headquarters Middle Military Division, Dec. 20, 1864.
Field and Staff

Return of [Company], Battalion Fourteenth Regiment Infantry, Maine Volunteers, stationed at Savannah, Ga., expressing its condition on the morning of March 25th, 1865, together with a complete record of the changes that have taken place since December 26th, 1864, date of its organization.
Captain John K. Laing's Company A
Lieutenant J. J. Quimby's Company B
Company C
Captain George W. Worster's Company D

N.B. This Battalion was organized into a full Regiment under the command of Col. Albion K. Bolan, by the assignment of the 13th, 14th, 17th, 20th, 22d and 23d companies of Unassigned Infantry, Captains John O. W. Paine, James N. Fowler, Frederick S. Barnard, Joseph A. Freeman, Albert L. Spencer, and James W. Libby, but too late to be inserted here. These companies will have to be shown with the thirty companies of Unassigned Infantry in this Appendix.
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