Final Record of the Field and Staff of Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry, Maine Volunteers, showing changes which have taken place by promotion, resignation or otherwise, from November 15th, 1863 to January 13th, 1865, when mustered out of the U.S. service by Major J. W. T. Gardiner, U.S.A.
Compiled from the Muster-out Rolls
Name. Rank. Residence Date of
Thomas W Porter Colonel Bangor May 12 '63  
Charles S Bickmore Lieut Col Searsport May 25 '63 Killed in action at Cedar Creek Oct. 19
Albion K Bolan Major N Sharon "  
Joseph H Metcalf Adjutant Augusta June  2 '62 Prom. capt. and A. A. Gen., rank to date Oct. 23, '63.
John H Crowell Qr Mast'r Winterport Dec  3 '61 "       "   and A. Q. M. of vols Aug. 4
Enoch Adams Surgeon Litchfield Nov 25 Resigned May 9.  
Elisha Hopkins Ass't Sur Searsport June 2 '62 Promoted surgeon July 1
Simeon A Evans " Fryeburg Apr 20  
William R Hawkins Sgt Maj Virginia Sept 1 '63 Transferred to 14th Me. battalion
Edwin L Clark Q M Sgt Winterport Jan 1  
Henry C Snow Com Sgt Newburg " Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion
George McGaffey Hp Stew Mt. Vernon July 21 '62 Discharged for disability in Feb.
Emory Hall Pr Mus'n Bangor Feb '63 Reduced to ranks; transf. to co. A.
Carlisle H Sawtelle " Newburg Sept 1 Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion

Joined Field and Staff since Nov. 15, 1863
Warren I Dollof Adjutant Boothbay Feb 27 '64  
Alvan J Bates Chaplain Lincoln Feb 10  
Warren Crowell Qr Mast'r Orono Oct 2 Transferred to 14th Me. battalion
Peter Costello Hp Stew Saco Feb 6 "
George W Whittier Pr Mus'n Mt. Vernon Oct 31 "

Discharged and Deceased in 1863 - Final Record given in last Report
Colonel Frank S Nickerson, for promotion; Chaplain George W Bartlett; Drum Major Isaac N Blish; Drum Major Charles W Thing, promoted.