Compiled from the Muster-out Rolls
Name. Age Residence M.
into U. S.
Charles Barnard 46 Bucksport M Dec 14 '61 Discharged for disability Aug. 19
Joseph D. Wood 26 Bangor S Nov 11 '63  
Benjamin F. Harriman 38 Bucksport M Dec 3 '61 Discharged fo disability Feb. 2
Fred S. Conant 24 Bucksport M Dec  3 '61  
William Nester 23 New Orleans S June 18 Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
William C Townsend 22 Orland S Jan 1 '64 Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
Alva Emerson 20 Deer Isle S Jan 14 '62 Died of wounds Oct. 24.
Otis G. Crocket 22 Deer Isle M Jan 14 '62 Wounded Oct. 19.
Rufus S. Johnson 21 Bucksport S Jan 1 '64 Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
Willima Henry 18 Deer Isle " " Re-enl.; deserted Mar. 26
Philip Stinson 23 " " " Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion
Edwin Ordway 18 Penobscot " " Re-enl.; trf. to navy June 30.
Irvin Morse 20 Blue Hill " " "
Edward Nabis 19 Orland M " "
Last NameFirst Name MIAgeResidenceM or SMustered in US ServiceRemarks
AllenDaniel19Deer IsleS14-Dec-61Transferred to invalid corps.
AllenAmos H22SedgwickS13-Dec-61Discharged to enlist in headqr. troops
BeaumanPeter25New OrleansS23-Jun-62Transferred to veteran reserve corps.
BennettThomas A21BucksportS06-Feb-62Transferred to veteran reserve corps.
BridgesFrancis W23BucksportS24-Jan-62Prisoner
CarterAlfred A22SedgwickS24-Jan-62Re-enl.; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
ColbyRichard J20Deer IsleM14-Dec-61Discharged for disability Mar 26.
ColbySeth P21Deer IsleM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to navy June 30.
EmersonHenry E18CastineS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; wd. Oct 19; trf. to 14th. Me. batt.
FeeMichael23New OrleansS12-Jun-62Deserted Mar. 26.
FisherGeorge E22BucksportM28-Dec-61
FloydRuggles S21PorterS28-Dec-61Deserted Aug 6 '62.
GrantJoseph C18WinterportS05-Jan-62Wagoner
GeorgeWilliam23WinterportS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
GutzellJohn37New OrleansS21-Jun-62Deserted July 7.
HarrimanGuilford S24BucksportM03-Dec-61Died of disease Dec 17 '63.
HinckleyStephen26New OrleansS27-Jun-62Transferred to 14th.Me. battalion.
HigginsIsrael B45Deer IsleM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
HutchinsEliakim23PenobscotS03-Jan-62Wounded Oct. 19
KlostermanWilliam29New OrleansS14-Jun-62Transferred to 14th.Me. battalion.
LeachHiram F29PenobscotS03-Jan-62Transferred to veteran reserve corps.
McGinleyThomas 33New OrleansS18-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 23 '63.
McQuinJohn35New OrleansS09-Jun-62Deserted June 12 '62.
MischerPeter21New OrleansS14-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 23 '63.
MooreDaniel33BucksportM03-Dec-61Transferred to veteran reserve corps.
NealJames O35New OrleansS21-Jun-62Deserted July 4 '62.
OsgoodWilliam F28BucksportM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to navy.
RebuffWilliam23New OrleansS27-Jun-62Deserted July 7 '62.
SchleafClements28New OrleansS11-Jun-62Deserted July 7 '62.
ScheffnerAntonia25New OrleansS14-Jun-62Transferred to 14th. Me. battalion.
SullivanMichael27New OrleansS11-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 6 '63.
StanleyFrancis G23Cranberry IsleS01-Jan-64Re-enlisted; Deserted Mar. 26.
StaplesJoseph H23Deer IsleS01-Jan-64Re-enlisted; transfered to navy.
TrundyDavid33SurryM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
TrainorCharles22New OrleansS27-Jun-62Deserted Mar. 26 '62.
WallMartin28New OrleansS27-Jun-62Deserted Oct. 6 '62.
Walshpatrick23New OrleansS17-Jun-62Deserted Nov. 28 '62.
WareJoseph C30Deer IsleS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to navy.
WebsterAlbert19CastineS01-Jan-64Re-enlisted; transfered to 14th. Me. battalion.
DoeGeorge A28BangorS28-May-64Trf. fm. 2nd. Me.; deserted Nov. 6 '64.
GreeneRoscoe L17BangorS19-Mar-64Musician; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
HallEmery18BangorS16-Jan-62Musician; trf. from N.C.S.
McQueThomas 29Rockabema plM11-Nov-64Never joined co.; died at camp Berry Mar. 15.
RichardsonHenry22Deer IsleS14-Mar-64Transferred to navy.
SullvanBradford23WinterportM11-Mar-64Wd. Sept. 19; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.

Discharged and Deceased in 1863 - Final Record given in last Report

1st Lieutenant Charles L Stevens; Sergeants Joseph F Clement, George C Hagerty, William H Wescott, Solomon Gray; Corporals John W Redman, Edwin Connor; Privates Bailie John, Carpenter Francis N, Closson Samuel, Curtis Samuel N, Fogg William L, Geary William, Gott James E, Gray David W, Harriman William P, Henderson John, Little Edward F, McGinley John, Robbins Alfred, Robbins Hezekiah H, Stanley William H, Waltz Frederick.