Compiled from the Muster-out Rolls
Name. Age Residence M.
into U. S.
Richard W Mullen 30 Vassalboro S Dec 30 '61 Discharged for disability Aug. 19
Malcom W Long 27 Bangor S Jan 10 '62  
Merrill H Adams 26 Deer Isle M Dec 14 '61 Taken prisoner Oct 19.
Charles E Blethen 21 Unity S Jan 1 '64 Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
Isaac Morrill 22 Winslow S Jan 30 '62 Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
Peter Emmerich 23 New Orleans S June 26 Pris. Oct. 19; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
Daniel S. Jackson 25 Thorndike S Jan. 1 '64 Re-enl.; wd. Sept. 19; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
Joseph McCorrison 35 Knox M Jan. 1 '64 Re-enl. mus.; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
John Green 22 New Orleans S Jun 4 '62 Trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
Martin Duval 28 Jun 4 '62 S June 3 '62 Red. to ranks; deserted July 13.
Last NameFirst Name MIAgeResidenceM or SMustered in US ServiceRemarks
BennettIsaac L21TroyS02-Jan-62Accidently wounded; disch. Oct. 30.
BitherWilliam37UnityM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
BonshapFrancis29New OrleansS18-Jun-62Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
BrownWilliam S18LivermoreS02-Jan-62Deserted Jan. 25, '62.
BoyleMichael37New OrleansS04-Jun-62Deserted; never joined on.
ChilsonNorman21New OrleansS09-Jun-62Des. Jan. 12 '63.
CloughDaniel22BluehillS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; wd. Sept. 19; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
ConnersDennis28New OrleansS11-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 3, '63.
DoughertyJohn28New OrleansS09-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 13, '63.
DouglasElisha36UnityS21-Jan-62Deserted Feb. 5, '62.
DunnLawrence23New OrleansS28-Jun-62Deserted Jan. 20, '63.
DwyerJohn23New OrleansM09-Jun-62Wd. May 27, '63; disch. May 16.
EldersJames20KnoxS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; pris.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
EarlyBarnard35New OrleansS26-Jan-62Ret. fm. des. Feb. 9; disch. for dis. April 5.
EvansJohn22New OrleansS21-Jun-62Deserted July '62.
GibsonJohn24New OrleansS16-Jun-62Deserted July 5, '62.
GillaspieJoseph B22New OrleansS16-Jun-62Deserted July '62.
HaasJoseph35New OrleansM03-Jun-62Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
HughesJohn H25New OrleansS11-Jun-62Deserted Aug. 4, '63.
HusseyAmaziah F T25AlbionS17-Dec-61Deserted June '62; been seen in reb. army.
HusseyRodolphus30FreedomS16-Jan-62Prisoner Oct. 19.
JacksonMichael31New OrleansS13-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 3, '63.
KelleyJames23New OrleansS10-Jun-62Deserted Nov. 1, '62.
KingWilliam23New OrleansM26-Jun-62Discharged for disability Apr. 27.
KreuserErnest38New OrleansM04-Jun-62Wd. Sept. 19; pris. Oct. 19; trf. 14th Me. battalion.
LarrabeeTrue P22ThorndikeS26-Dec-61Deserted.
LordWilliam H32BelgradeS04-Dec-61Deserted Feb. 5 '62.
LyonsAndrew27New OrleansS03-Jun-62Deserted July 13, '62.
MaloneEdward35New OrleansM01-Jun-62Deserted Feb. 13, '62.
McBridePatrick24New OrleansS26-Jun-62Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
McMahonJames21New OrleansS09-Jun-62Deserted June 20, '62.
MorrillAddison28WinslowS04-Dec-61Re-enl.; pris.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
MurrayPatrick25New OrleansS14-Jun-62Deserted July '62.
NestlerHermon27New OrleansM03-Jun-62Deserted July '62.
NolanHenry27PhiladelphiaS04-Jun-62Deserted July 13, '62.
O'BrienJohn30New OrleansS17-Jun-62Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
PaiseyM F TNew OrleansNot mustered.
PenneyDaniel32KnoxM17-Dec-61Deserted Feb. 5, '62.
PenneyRalph25KnoxS17-Dec-61Discharged for disability Feb 7, '62.
PollardGeorge A20WinslowS30-Dec-61Re-enl.; pris. Oct. 19 '62; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
PryleJohn23New OrleansS26-Jan-62Deserted Sept. 20, '62.
PryleMichael44New OrleansM04-Jun-62Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
ReynoldsSamuel22BurnhamS26-Dec-61Deserted Jan. 27, '63.
RobinsonJohn32New OrleansS03-Jan-62Prisoner Oct. 19.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
ShafferLenner29New OrleansS05-Jun-62Deserted Jun. 5, '62.
ShebanJames22New OrleansS26-Jun-62Deserted Mar. 26, '63.
ShurtzJohn26New OrleansS05-Jun-62Absent, sick; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
SpauldingGeorge L39ChinaS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; pris.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
SpauldingHenry20WinslowS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
SpauldingThomas C28New Orleans01-Jun-62Deserted Jul. 7, '62.
StephensonCharles22New OrleansS17-Jun-62Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
TaylorSolomon D18MercerS04-Dec-61Deserted on furlough.
TevlinWilliam30New OrleansS26-Jun-62Deserted Mar. 26, '63.
ThompsonDavid26New OrleansS03-Jun-62Deserted Jul. '62.
TozierEzra N18DetroitS04-Feb-62Deserted Jun. 28 '62; been seen in rebel army.
WallaceStephen34New OrleansS04-Jun-62Sup. died in N. O. hosp. in '63.
WiengorthDaniel28New OrleansS05-Jun-62Wd. Oct. 19; trf. 14th Me. battalion.
WilsonEdward30New OrleansS03-Jun-62Prisoner Oct. 19.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
WaldronJohn22New Orleans26-Jun-62Deserted July 7, '62.
BurgessOrrin16WinslowS26-Mar-64Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
BurseWilliam S18IndustryS30-Mar-64Trf. fm co. F; trf. to 14th Me. bat.
ChoateGeorge W18Belfast13-Sep-64Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
ChamberlainEphraim S18AugustaSTransferred to co. E.
DownesCyrenus B22WinterportS11-Mar-64Prom. corp.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
FryFrederickTransferred to 14th Me. battalion.
GoodwinMerritt18BlanchardS21-Mar-64Wd. Sept. 19; trf. 14th Me. battalion.
GoodwinGeorge18BlanchardS28-Mar-64Died June 24, '64.
HowardAlbion H18Deer IsleS26-Mar-64Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
PollardCharles18WinslowS05-Mar-64Nev. jd. co.; not acct'd for on rolls.
PaigeEzekiel jr39AugustaM28-Mar-64Wd. Sept. 19; trf. 14th Me. battalion.
QuintAlbanus18IndustryS26-Mar-64Transferred to co. F.
RollinsWarren L27PortlandS28-Sep-64Transferred to 14th Me. battalion.
RichCharles G21WinterportS27-Feb-64Trf. fm co. I; trf. to 14th Me. bat.
SpencerAmos M20BangorS24-Sep-64Trf. to 14th Me. bat.; enl. for 1 yr.

Discharged and Deceased in 1863 - Final Record given in last Report

Corporal Francis H Wing; Musician John E French; Wagoner Jonathan Orbeton; Privates Britt James, Boyle Michael, never was in company, Danforth Joseph, Douglass Benj jr, Dunn Patrick, Fitzsimmons James, Gibbs David B jr, Holbrook Matthew, Kruse Girard, Larrabee George N, Larrabee Philander W, Moore William, Moran Patrick, Osborn Albion, Pollard William, Pullen John W, Ross Joseph B, never belonged to company, Spaulding Amasa, Taylor, Taylor Joseph L, Trundy Samuel.