Compiled from the Muster-out Rolls
Name. Age Residence M.
into U. S.
Andrew F F Hall 26 Wiscasset M Dec 30 '61 Discharged for disability Aug. 19
Chapman N Reed 27 Boothbay M Mar 14 '63  
Warren L Dolloff 21 Boothbay S Mar 14 '63 Taken prisoner Oct 19.
John E Kelley 23 Boothbay S Jan 1 '64 Re-enl.; trf. to 14th Me. battalion.
William H Simpson 20 Alna S Dec 9 '61  
Emory Worthley 32 Boothbay M Jan 1 '64 Re-enl.; transf. to navy June 30.
Andrew Jackson 29 Newport S Jan 18 '62 Reduced to ranks May 8.
Mathias Pfister 35 New Orleans S Jun 17 Transf. to 14th Me. battalion.
William D Farmer 23 Boothbay S Jan. 1 '64 Re-enl.; prom. sergt.; trf. to navy.
John Zimmerman 29 New Orleans S June 24 '64 Red. to ranks; wd. Oct. 19; trf. to 14th. Me. battalion.
Henry Cook 25 New Orleans S June 10 '64 Deserted Mar. 25.
Chandler Lewis 18 Boothbay M Jan 1 '64 Re-enl.; red. to ranks;des. July 23.
Barden Turner 44 Wiscasset M Jan 1 '64 Miss. in act Aug 5 '62; sup. kld.
Last NameFirst Name MIAgeResidenceM or SMustered in US ServiceRemarks
AdamsAlexander31BoothbayM01-Jan-64Re-enlisted; transferred to navy.
AlbeeThaddeus18WiscassetS26-Dec-61Deserted May 21, '63.
AlleyOrrin38WiscassetM15-Jan-62Discharged for disability Mar. 8
BaldicCharles28New OrleansS19-Jun-62Prom. corp.; killed in action Sept. 19.
BarrettMartin38New OrleansS17-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. battalion.
BaslerJacob21New OrleansS19-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 16, '63.
BlackJames25New OrleansS09-Jun-62Returned to 12th Me. as deserter.
BlakeJeremiah, jr.38BoothbayS09-Dec-61Deserted at Augusta.
BroplayJohn24BoothbayS12-Jun-62Deserted Aug. 16, '62
ClinkerHenry28New OrleansS18-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. battalion.
DaileyJohn38BoothbayM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; transf. to 14th Me. bat.
DrakePeter23New OrleansS09-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 16, '63.
DunbarJohn33New OrleansS17-Jun-62Prom. sergt.; trf. to 14th Me. bat. (as pvt.).
DownesAndrew30New OrleansS23-Jun-62Transf. to veteran reserve corps.
DouglassCharles28New OrleansS12-Jul-62Deserted Aug. 2, '63.
DunnTimothy34New OrleansS23-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. bat.
FriedhoffJackson23New OrleansS17-Jun-62Pris. Oct 19; trf. to 14th Me. bat.
GillenJohn28New OrleansS12-Jun-62Deserted Aug. 16, '62.
HaggettJoseph K23New OrleansS05-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 4, '63.
HanningJohn38New OrleansS13-Jun-62Died Nov. 26, '63.
HassenCharles Y18AlnaS08-Jan-62Deserted at Augusta.
HenryJames23New OrleansS16-Jun-62Deserted Aug. 16, '62.
KingsburyJohn G21WiscassetS08-Jan-62Deserted at Augusta.
LeddyMichael25New OrleansS12-Jun-62Deserted Aug. 10, '62.
LewisWarren P35BoothbayM01-Jan-64Re-enl.; transf. to 14th Me. bat.
LuerJohn37New OrleansS18-Jun-62Deserted Jun 30, '62
LynchJohn37New OrleansS18-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 4, '63.
MarksJohn27New OrleansS10-Jun-62Wd. Oct. 19, '63; trf. to 14th.Me. bat.
MathewsGeorge P18BoothbayS09-Dec-61Deserted May 21, '63.
MathewsTheodore20BoothbayS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; prom. corp.; transf. to 14th Me. bat.
McBrideJames22New OrleansS05-Jun-62Deserted Sept.16, '63.
McGinnisJames32New OrleansS16-Jun-62Died at New Orleans Aug. 19 '63.
McGuireJames27New OrleansS12-Jun-62Deserted June 30, '62.
McLaughlanJames28New OrleansM12-Jun-62Died at Baton Rouge Nov. 10, '63.
MurrayJames25New OrleansS12-Jul-62Deserted Aug. 2, '62.
MurrayThomas28New OrleansS16-Jun-62Died of wounds Dec. 5, 62.
MyersAugust20New OrleansS24-Jun-62Deserted March 25, '63.
MyersHenry31New OrleansS17-Jun-62Deserted May 25, '63.
NoonTimothy19New OrleansS09-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. bat.
O'RourkePeter31New OrleansM23-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. bat.
PittsReuel W18BoothbayS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; prom. corp.; transf. to 14th Me. bat.
PottleConverse L35WiscassetM09-Dec-61Transf. to veteran reserve corps Feb. 30, 63.
RyanJohn C28New OrleansS23-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 4, '63.
SatlerJohn L22New OrleansS17-Jun-62Deserted Sept. 16, '63.
SampsonWentworth L24WindsorM10-Jan-62
SmithCharles H23AlnaS09-Dec-61
SpanglerChristopher23New OrleansS10-Jun-62Ret. fm. desertion; trf. to 14th Me. bat. (listed as Spengler)
ShawCharles21WiscassetS01-Jan-64Re-enl.; transf. to 14th Me. bat.
SmithJohn F19AlnaS09-Dec-61Deserted at Augusta.
SouthardWilliam35WiscassetM19-Jan-62Discharged for disability Jan. 30, '63.
SwampbeckJohn24New OrleansS17-Jun-62Wd. Sept. 19; trf. to 14th Me. bat.
TrankleJacob28New OrleansS19-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. bat.
WebberJohn27New OrleansS19-Jun-62Transf. to 14th Me. bat.
WilsonJacob42BoothbayM09-Dec-61Transf. to veteran reserve corps Feb. 28, 63.
WymanOra C39VassalboroM28-Jan-62Prisoner in action Oct. 19 '63.
YorkSamuel C33BinghamS28-Dec-61Deserted at Augusta.
Joined Company since Nov. 15, 1863.
AverillAlbert24AlnaS28-Dec-61Trf. fm. Co. G; died at N.O. Aug. 31, '62.
BraislinJohn25FrankfortS16-Apr-64Transferred to navy.
BeaumanF W26New OrleansS18-Jun-62Trf. fm. Co. H; trf. to 14th Me. bat.
DoughertyPatrick43BangorS16-Mar-64Wd. Oct. 19, '63; trf. to 14th.Me. bat.
FelleyJames D18SearsportS19-Mar-64Transf. to 14th Me. bat.
FritzJames26New OrleansS16-Jun-62Trf. fm. Co. H; deserted Mar 25, '63.
GreenlawEdward V18Deer IsleS26-Mar-64Absent sick; trf. to 14th Me. bat.
LewisOwen27WiscassetM26-Mar-64Deserted July 23, '64.
MilesDudley16BangorS25-Mar-64Musician; trf. to 14th Me. bat.

Discharged and Deceased in 1863 - Final Record given in last Report
Captain George Scott, resigned; Sergeant Isaac C Brown; Corporals Franklin Smith, George B Lewis, Giles W Decker; Privates John Dunn, Disem George, Farnham Edward jr, Fraal Patrick, Gruff David, Gould Elbridge, Hallowell Franklin, Jackson Francis, Kincaid Reuben, Lewis Thomas, McCarm John, McRea Calvin, Meigs Nathaniel, Parks Darius, Roberts James E, Rogers John S, Seiders Merrill, Shaw Samuel, Wheeler Albert.