US Navy Ships Named for Places in the State of Maine
(including US Coast Guard and US Revenue Cutter Service Vessels that served in the US Navy
and now active US Coast Guard Vessels)

(The list is not complete and will be updated periodically.
Last update 03/25/2005)

The State of Maine has a long and distinguished maritime heritage including the establishment of the first American shipyard near Portland in 1638, and Maine's First Ship, built in 1607. The Navy has named a number of ships for geographic features and political entities of the State of Maine. The most used names are the state name - Maine assigned to 5 hulls (4 commissioned or in service) and Piscataqua, the river forming part of the Maine-New Hampshire boundary, also assigned to 5 hulls (4 commissioned or in service). The first Navy ship named for a place in Maine was the sloop of war Falmouth commissioned 18 January 1828,and the latest is the Ballistic Nuclear Submarine Maine (SSBN-741). The largest ship was the oiler Sebec at 25,400 tons, 553' ft. long and 75' wide, and the smallest (boat), the motorboat Somerset at 15 tons. Not all the names are uniquely assigned to Maine places, for example, Somerset and Fairfield represent a number of municipalities and counties in other states.

Maine Streamer
= Indicates vessel is in commission or service as of October 2004.
= Indicates that the name was assigned, but that the vessel was never in commission or in service with that name.
= Indicates the vessel was built in Maine (includes those built at Portsmouth (N.H.) Navy Ship Yard which is actually in Kittery, ME.)


USS Maine (Second Class Battleship)
USS Maine (BB-10)
Maine (BB-69)

USS Maine entering Havana harbor
USS Maine entering Havana harbor.

USS Portland (CA-33)


USS Portland (CA-33)  (Full-size Photo)

Ironclad Ram

USS Katahdin (Photos)

USS Machias (PG-5)
USS Machias (PG-5)


USS Bangor (PF-16)
USS Belfast (PF-35)
USS Machias (PF-53)
USS Bath (PF-55)
Machias/Hallowell (PF-72)
USS Machias (PG-5) (Photos)
USS Castine (PG-6) (Photo)
USS Kittery (PC-1201)
USS Skowhegan (PCE-843)
USS Somerset (PCE-892)
USS Amherst (PCER-853)
USS Rockport (SP-738)
Moosehead (SP-2047)
Somerset (MB)

Amphibious Ships

USS Thomaston (LSD-28)
USS Portland (LSD-37), decommissioned 08/04/2003
USS Saint Croix River (LSMR-524)
USS St. Francis River (LSMR-525)
USS Salmon Falls River (LSMR-530)
USS Lincoln County (LST-898)
USS Sagadahoc County (LST-1091)
USS Waldo County (LST-1163)
USS York County (LST-1175)


USS Augusta (SSN-710).
USS Maine (SSBN-741)

Mine Warfare

USS Aroostook (CM-3)
USS Shawmut (CM-4) Photo
USS Shawmut (CM-11)





USS Maine (SSBN-741)
USS Maine (SSBN-741)


USS Acadia (AD-42)
USS Indian Island (AG-77)
USS Roque (AG-137)
USS Mark (AG-143)
USS Hewell (AG-145)
USS Oxford (AG-159)
USS Camden (AK, AS-6, IX-42)
USS Casco (AK)
USS Eastport (AK)
USS Kittery (AK-2)
USS Bath (AK-4)
Maine (AK-33/TAK5012)
USS Matinicus (AK-52)
USS Fairfield (AK-178)
USS Somerset (AK-212)
Maine (AKR) (Photo)
USS Kennebec (AO-36)
USS Kennebago (AO-81)
USS Sebec
USS Allagash (AO-97)
USS Aroostook (AOG-14) (Photo)
Androscoggin (AOG-24)
USS Sheepscot (AOG-24)
USS Narraguagus (AOG-32)
Piscataqua (AOG-70)
Sebasticook (AOG-72)
Piscataqua (AOG-80)
State of Maine (AP-1)?
USS Oxford (APA-189)
USS Bagaduce
Katahdin (AT-28)
USS Carrabasset (AT-35)
USS Piscataqua
USS Bagaduce
USS Casco
USS Compass Island (EAG-153)
USS Lake Wood ¹(Steamer)
Sabotawan (Steamer)
USS Saccarappa (Steamer)
USS Sagadahoc (Steamer)
USS Madawaska (Transport)

USS Sebago
USS Sebago (YT-23)

Yard Craft

USS Nezinscot (Screw Tug)
Sebago (YT-23) (Photo)
Saco (SP-2725/YT-31)
Taconnet (YTB-417)
Saco (YTB-796), stricken 06/09/2004.
Jewell (YFB-22)
Green Island (YFB-32)
Arrowsic (YFB-59)
Metinic (YFB-49)
Monhegan (YFB-18)


USS Moosehead (IX-98)

Victory Ships Named for Places in Maine

Albion Victory, Bates Victory, Biddeford Victory, Bowdoin Victory, Colby Victory, Greenville Victory, Knox Victory, Lewiston Victory, Madawaska Victory, Mercer Victory, Minot Victory, Pittston Victory, Rockland Victory, Waterville Victory, and Winthrop Victory

WWII Troopships

Cape Neddick

Maine Streamer



USS Agamenticus
USS Casco (Photo)
USS Piscataqua


USS Carrabasset
USS Eastport (Photo)
USS Piscataqua
USS Somerset

Screw Frigate

USS Madawaska

Sloop of War

USS Fairfield
USS Falmouth
USS Ossipee (Photos)


USS AroostookPhoto
USS Katahdin
USS Kennebec
USS Kineo
USS Saco
USS Sebago
USS Shawmut

US Coast Guard and US Revenue Cutter Service Vessels
That Served With The US Navy

USCGC Ossipee (WPG-50)
USRC Androscoggin

Active US Coast Guard Vessels Named for Places in the State of Maine

USCGC Penobscot Bay (WTGB-107), Bay class icebreaking tug, com. 1984.
USCGC Monehegan (WPB-1305), Island class patrol boat, com. 1986.
USCGC Kennebec (WLM-554), Pamlico class construction tender (inland), com. 1977. Maine Streamer

National Oceanographic Fleet

Argo Maine (Now apparently owned by Downeast Marine Research, Inc.)

Maine Streamer

Maine Streamer

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US Navy Ships Named for Places in the State of Maine

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