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The Bouchard Family, originally from Maine, now resides in Long Beach, Mississippi.

Thirteenth Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry (1861-1865)
The 13th Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry was part of the expedition that MGEN Ben Butler organized to capture New Orleans. The 13th (with the 14th Maine) arrived in March 1862 at Ship Island off of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In June 1862, the regiment, under the command of BGEN Neal Dow, made two sorties against the Mississippi towns of Pass Christian and Shieldsboro (now known as Bay Saint Louis). Two companies - D and F - remained another seven months (July 1862 - February 1863) garrisoning the Island. Until January 1863, they (with elements of the 8th Vermont) and the island were under the command of COL Henry Rust. Cos. D and F served a little more than a month under the command of COL Nathan W. Daniels, Second Louisiana Native Guards, before moving on to duty at Forts Jackson and St. Philip, LA in February 1863. In its 11 months on the island, the 13th left 37 men dead of disease or accident.

Other Maine Regiments serving at Ship Island, Mississippi:

A detachment of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment was a posted to Pascagoula, Mississippi Dec 1864 - February 1865.

Jefferson Davis visits Maine.
From July until October 1858, then-US Senator Jefferson Davis (D-MS) and his family visited the State of Maine. He visited Portland, Bangor, Penobscot Bay and observed some surveying on Mount Humpback. Apparently Bowdoin College awarded Mr. Davis an honorary degree, and in 1889, he thanked Bowdoin for not removing his name from the alumni rolls. Mrs. Davis remembers the trip fondly in her memoirs. In August 1853, as Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis visited the Coast Survey site at Blue Mountain, Maine and commissioned Fort Gorges off Portland in Casco Bay. Davis was an advocate of the establishment of the Geodetic Survey Baseline that eventually wound up in Washington County. Davis visited the Baseline in his 1858 visit to Maine.

Adelbert Ames, born Rockland, Knox County, Maine in 1835, Provisional Governor of Mississippi 1868-69, Senator from Mississippi 1870-74, and finally Governor 1874-1876. Medal of Honor. Photo

Joseph Holt Ingraham, Author.

Teachers from Maine and Mississippi to compare New England and Southern cultures (1995).

Trent Lott and Olympia Snowe Team Up

The Blizzard of '96

A Severin Roesen Still Life, intercepted on its way from Mississippi to Maine.

International Paper Company operates mills in Moss Point, MS and Androscoggin, ME.

Live from Antarctica 2 Children from Mississippi and Maine communicated with scientists working in Antarctica.

William Hodding Carter II (1907-1972): Bowdoin alumnus and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, publisher and editor of the Delta Democratic Times in Greenville, MS. His son, W. Hodding Carter III (former State Department spokesman in the Carter administration and currently President/CEO of the Knight Foundation) also has a Maine link in that at one time he owned the Norumbega Inn in Camden, ME.

Women's Basketball (Nov. 1998). Lady Rebels vs. Univeristy of Maine, Orono.

Captain Frederick L. Blair died on 9 Sep 1886 in Ship Island, Hancock (County), Mississippi. Married at Bath, Maine in 1874.

September 18, 2004: Maine 9 Mississippi State University 7
Misssissippi State Stadium Ticket
Trees: Chestnuts, American White Cedar

Struggling Health Scores

Slavery vs. the Bible : a correspondence between the General Conference of Maine, and the Presbytery of Tombecbee, Mississippi

Child Welfare for Maine And Mississippi

William Merrill, born 1816 at Portland, Maine, graduated from Bowdoin College in 1836. He was a teacher in Mississippi and was in charge of the state asylum at Jackson during the Civil War. His only child, Frank, was a Confederate soldier killed at Chickamuaga. William died in 1866.

Publius Rutilius Rufus Pray born in Maine in 1795, lawyer and jurist in Hancock County Mississippi, died in 1840.

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Woodall Mountain Highest Point Mount Katahdin
44.313614 deg North 69.719931 deg West Population Center (2000) 32.566420 deg North 89.593164 West
18 miles north of Dover, Piscataquis County (probably Dover-Foxcroft) Geographic Center (2000) 9 miles west-northwest of Carthage, Leake County.
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