Hidden Treasures


Mireille Bouchard, 1998

I stand in the doorway

looking in,

what I see before me,

makes my head spin.

There on the floor

right at my feet

crumpled in a lump

is my missing bedsheet.

Carefully I move it

and place it on my bed

what's left underneath

tells me the cat's begun to shed.

I take a step

something jabs my foot

it's my long lost piggy bank

I'd had nowhere to put.

Venturing further

I'm soon to find

can only be a hazard

and boggles my mind.

Papers, clothes,

stuffed animals, and books,

the mess on my floor

isn't as bad as it looks.

My dad says it's trashed

my mom says it's not clean

my sister says "God help me!"

I say they're all mean.

What's a little garbage

a little trash here and there

it's my room

why do they care?

Quick, someone help me

I've been sentenced to doom

My parents are making me

Clean my room!!!!!

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