The Published Poems of Mireille Bouchard

DEATHLESS Hopeless Love
Many times I've died
and risen from the dust
many times I've cried
like Lady Lazarus

From ashes to ashes
to death I become
rejection of life's clashes
that only live for some

I'll be no more
and yet I'll live on
bitten by the bore
every life will spawn

Lying in the earth
in deep, dark closure
back to before birth
without the slightest stir

From my soul's abandon
a shadow will rise
a weightless heavy burden
left to agonize

You know the love is lingering there,
waiting to be found,
the love you desperately want to share,
his heart, the only lasting sound.

You share with him your thoughts,
and release your soul unbound,
his insights fresh as forget-me-nots,
and his face that never frowned.

You'll always love him at any cost,
ever sitting near this mound,
you're friends tell you, all is lost,
because he's underground.
Published in
Writer's Gazette #5, Spring 1997
Published in
The Laureate Letter

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