My Time Aboard Nimitz: Jan 1975 - Jun 1976.

The commanding officer was Captain Bryan W. Compton, Jr. CAPT Compton would be promoted to Rear Admiral. Executive Officer was Captain James H. Mauldin. In 1976 Nimitz's designation was changed from CVAN (Attack Carrier, Nuclear) to CVN (Carrier, Nuclear).
The weather office (OA division):
Meteorological Officers: CDR Kirk, then CDR Alden.
Division Officers (Acting): AGCM Marlin "Bud" Scott, then AGCM J.J. Futtner.
Division Chief: AGC Pat O'Brien.
Forecasters: AG1 Ron Picard, AG1 M. Parrish.
I made a northern Europe deployment August-September 1975 with liberty ports of: Bremerhaven, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland, and Portsmouth, England.
I left the ship before it made its first Mediterranean deployment in July 1976.
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