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This is me

This is me

I can often be found online on AOL...my screen name is Davidg59. Also, check the box below to see if I am currently online and hooked into ICQ. My username there is also Davidg59. My UIN is: 8914176.  

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button Hawkwind Main Page - UK's top acid space-rock band.
button Electric Tepee Record Review - my own personal review of the release.
button Alien4 and Distant Horizons - Hawkwind's two latest studio releases. Download a clip from Distant Horizons here.
button List of Hawkwind Band Member Lineup and Discography
button The Church of Hawkwind ('82) - the height of Hawktronics.
button Huw Lloyd Langton - My webpage on former Hawkwinder Huw Lloyd Lanton and his new album "On the Move". Discography & biography, too!
button Hawkwind in Concert - I saw 'em at the Cubby Bear in Chicago Aug. 1997
button "Featured Song"Lyrics: Spirit of the Age


buttonArchaeopteryx: Flight in Space - I've made my own space-rock album!
button Yamaha W5/W7 Synthesizers -My music workstation & dream-come-true keyboard.


button Dave's Diving Service - Prop de-fouling, underwater cleaning, light salvage - I'm your man.
button My Motorcycle/ZRX1100 Page - Been motorcycling most of my life.
button South Mississippi Sportbike Riders - Yep, I am in a gang of Crotch-Rocket law-breakers.
button Stephen & Danielle's Dirtbike Page - My son and daughter's Dirtbike Page
button My Home: Biloxi, MS. - I'm a history nut, but there is some contemporary info there, too!
buttonPierre LeMoyne d'Iberville: Discoverer of the Mississippi Gulf Coast - Straight from the captain's log...d'Iberville and his brother Bienville land at Ship Island and discover the southern entrance to the Mississippi River
buttonMy Confederate Ancestory: The 8th Mississippi Infantry Regiment - Regimental roster and history. This was the regiment of my great-great grandfather, Elbert D. Graham.
buttonLetters of Henry VIII's Doomed Wives - Read a couple of letters from Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard before they were executed


The Holocaust

- for the children who were annihilated.

button Eyewitness accounts of Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing squads) actions on Russian Jews

button Chaim Rumkowski's "Give Me Your Children!" Speech

button A Speech by Himmler to SS Officers in Poznan, Poland: Encouraging Genocide of the Jews

button A Speech by Hans Frank, Governor of Occupied Poland Informing Subordinates that Genocide Must Begin

button Rosa Robota: Jewish Heroine of Auschwitz

button Alicia Appleman-Jurman: Survival & Heroism of a Young Girl During the Holocaust

button The Mechanisms of Extermination: - how the gas chambers and crematories of Auschwitz-Birkeneau operated. Excerpted from Olga Lengyel's book ,"Five Chimneys".

button Excerpt from the book, Berlin Diary: - some of the sociological reasons Germany slid into the abyss.

buttonHolocaust Poetry & Art: Your contributions are welcome.

button References: Some of the books on the Holocaust I have read and recommend. These books served as data sources for the Holocaust pages within this website.

(these sites are usually always being updated)


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