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Forward Door Seal

High Density Foam

Hardtop Seal

Hardtop to body seal. 12 feet.

Rear Quarter Window Molding

Fender Molding

Chrome face on black. Clip-on wheel opening.

Window Channel

Goes in H-channel for sliding glass

Wiper, Sliding Glass

On outer door panel between glass

Glass Channel, Door

Soft rubber. Fixed glass to h-channel of door.

Foam Weatherstrip

72" long each (2). Used in sliding glass latch assembly - Section 8.

Seal, Hatchback & Doors

100" each (2). Used in Section 8.

Seal, Door (10180)

54" each (2). Door seal mounted on lower body door openings

Rubber U Channel.

Closed cell sponge rubber.

Under part numbers: 10255 - front wheel well panel to body seals (62") and 10715 -

Windshield Molding (16 feet)

See Glass Supplier for 1/4 X 1/8 windshield molding. Must have offset.

Locking strip for Windshiels Extrusion (Chrome)

Replacement not needed if NEW windshield rubber has locking strip built in.

Ribbon sealer, 1/4"

Used in door glass installation. Available from glass supplier.

Bumper Molding

Hard Rubber. 16 feet.

Body Side Molding

Chrome face on black. 12 feet. Adhesive mount.

Adhesive, Window

Sliding window latch to glass.

Seal, Roof Panel

Seals removable roof panels to doors.

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