Stone Sculptures

 In the past year, Iíve taken up stone carving.The first sculpture is the Bacchus wall fountain seen below.This sculpture went into our new courtyard.The sculpture is of Indiana limestone and took about 3 months to carve. ( I work slow). To see how it was carved, check out the link below.

The second sculpture is a small free form of alabaster that I tried as a change of pace.I took a short course from Greg Moran, a local sculptor on the Mississippi Gulf coast.It turned out nice, but I probably am more suited for representational work

The next project is huge. I am attempting to carve a life size limestone stature of a grandmother reading to her granddaughter.Lucedale is getting a big expansion to the library, and I will donate the statue to it.Below is a 1/6 scale clay model of the piece.The clay is a bit rough, but you can get an idea of the concept.I will use this model to scale up to the full size.To see the progress on the statue, check out the link.

Bacchus Wall Fountain
To see carving process go to Bacchus Sculpture
To see the finished courtyard, go to Courtyard

This is a free form sculpture of Alabaster. It is about 6 inches high

This is a clay model for my full size stone sculpture for the new library. To see the progress, please go to the page for theLibrary statue

This is the wax model made from the clay. The device it sits on allows measurements of angles, radius and height.These measurement will be scaled up by a factor of six for the final stone. 



This is the final bronze casting of the 1/6 scale model.One of these was given to the library, one to Isabelle, and I kept one for myself 

This is a new bust of Isabelle, done in Carrera marble.This is the same marble that Michelangelo used for his statues.





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