Construction of "The Nancy P"

The finished "Nancy P"


Stage 1 of construction - start of stripping


Stage 2, finished stripping, start of sanding


Stage 3 Outside epoxied and fiberglassed


Finished and ready to launch


Portage to the lake


Ready to go.


It floats


Over loaded!

At the beach in Gulf Shores AL

Stuck in the mud in the Pree Eddy Slough with Dr. D. Whites

My new project is building a wood strip canoe. I think that these canoes are some of the most beautiful things that an amateur can build. I took lessons last September at the WoodenBoat School in Maine. The course was taught by Ted Moore of Bear Mountain Boat Shop., Ted and Merilyn Mohr wrote the book "Canoecraft". This excellent book is a must for building a wood strip canoe.

I ordered my material for the canoe from the Newfound Woodworks of Bristol, NH. The boat, named "The Nancy P", is a Redbird. The boat is built by gluing up thin strips of Western cedar (3/4 x 1/4) on a set of molds. When the glue has set the inside and outside is covered with fiberglass cloth and epoxy. It is then trimmed out (mine in cherry) and varnished. Simple. And only took 9 months.

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