Company A, 13th Mississippi Infantry

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Robert Thompson provides the following information on his ancestor, Thomas D. Wallace:

Born Feb 25, 1843 in (Noxubee/Lowndes Co.?). or born in Pickens Co. Ala.? (says Masonic tribute) "born again" at age 18. In Sep 1858, Susannah H. Finklea renounced guardianship of her two minor sons, James R. and Thomas D. Wallace, heirs of "Josiah" Wallace. William Hudson was appointed guartdian.
1859 Annual accounts filed by Wm Hudson.

Civil War
Enlisted at 18 listing Webster as his Post Office.
Co. A 13th Regiment Winston Guard left Louisville Ms 13 May 1861 for Corinth Ms. where they rendezvoused on the 15th

Mar 16, 1861 Louisville mustered in
May 14, 1861 Corinth called into one year of service
June 30, 1861 present
Sept & Oct 1861 present
Nov & Dec 1861 present
Jan & Feb 1862 present
Mar & Apr 1862 present - sick, enlisted extended three years under conscription act
Sept & Oct 1862 present
Nov & Dec 1862 present
Jan & Feb 1863 present
May & Jun 1863 absent - wounded at Gettysburg July 2
July & Aug 1863 absent - Left at hospital Augusta Ga.
Sep & Oct 1863 absent - Left at hospital Augusta Ga. Sep 15, 63
Mar & Apr 1864 absent - at leave on wounded furlough
May & Jun 1864 present
Jul & Aug 1864 Absent - detailed in Ms by order of Med Ex Board

* 1st Manassas Junction
Leesburg, Va
* Garnett's Farm, Va.
Fort Evans
Ball's Bluff
Edward's Ferry
Camp Carolina near Leesburg
* Savage Station
* Malvern Hill, Va
* Maryland's Heights, Md.
* Sharpsburg, Md
* 1st Fredericksburg, Va.
* 2nd Fredericksburg, Va.
* 2nd day Gettysburg
* 3d day Gettysburg- wounded

T.D. was disabled from wounds received at Gettysburg July 2, 1863 and was hospitalized July 14 at Camp Winder, Richmond Va. He returned to duty Aug 11 1863 and served until June 1864 when he mustered out.

At Petersburg, Va, July 12, 1864 he was orderd to report to commandant in Louisvile Ms. A form for retiring a soldier described him as a farmer, 21 years of age, born in Noxubee Co. Ms., 5 ft 8 in fair complexion blue eyes and dark hair. He had a gunshot wound from Gettysburg in the upper lobe of right lung and was permanently disabled from field service. It was recommended he serve light duty only. He returned home to Winston Co. was appointed conscript officer.
His sister Nancy Porter kept a record of clothes she made for Thomas and his brother James during the war. For Thomas she made 2 flannel shirts, 1 pair flannel drawers, 2 pair of socks, 2 pair of pants jeans and 1 waistcoat. For James she made 1 jeans coat, 1 pair of pants, 1 waistcoat, 1 pair of gloves and 2 blankets.
Nov 29, 1864 married Laura A. Jenkins, J.G.Alexander bondsman. Settled in Loakofoma where he farmed. He had a mercantile business, cotton gin and became a Primitive Baptist minister.
Moved for a time to Ackerman Ms and had a store there. A daugther and son-in-law operated the home and store in Winston Co. until they returned.
Served as Postmaster of Loakfoma, Winston Co. Ms. from Sept 29,1880 to Apr 21, 1909.
1880 Census showed Thomas Wallace 37 born in Ms. Beat 3 T16R14 Stated father born in Va.
1900 Census shows Thos. D. Wallace as head W/M born Feb 1842. Stated father born in Ala and mother born in Tenn.
1908 Wallaces bought 5 pianos for their children, Mary E., Susan, Nathaniel Bester, James Isaiah and Altonetta. He gave all nine children 40 acres of land when they married..
Died Feb 14, 1909 after brief illness from kidney trouble. Newspaper said: "Mr. Wallace was one of our county's oldest and well known citizens, a prominent and substantial farmer and merchant, who had many friends.. "
Buried Betheden Cem, Ms. with Masonic honors.