25th Alabama Infantry

25th Alabama Infantry - Field and Staff

Benson, W.W., Assistant Surgeon, dropped from roll. Special Order 57/16 dated 3/9/1864

Brewer, George E., Chaplain

Brooks, William T., Sergeant Major, father was William A. Brooks

Clardy, John W., Hospital Steward

Coleman, Thomas, Drum Major, captured at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862

Deloney, J.F., Surgeon

Fletcher, John S., Surgeon, captured 1/5/1863 at Murfreesboro, TN

Griffin, B.S., Sergeant Major

Grigsby, E.O., Assistant Surgeon

Harwood, T.B., Hospital Steward

Hager, D.E., Major

Johnson, George D., Colonel

Loomis, J.Q., resigned 9/14/1863

Lynch, E.N.M., Surgeon

Mardis, N.B., A.Q.M., resigned 6/12/1863

Naul, J.W., Assistant Surgeon

Poellnite, Charles A., A.Q.M., Captain

Reese, James T., Surgeon

Steinhardt, Abraham, Ordinance Sergeant, captured near Franklin, TN 12/17/1864.

Stone, John, Adjutant, Lieutenant (records also identify him as Stores, Jonathon)

Stout, John, Adjutant

Stringfellow, William K., Commissary Sergeant, transferred from Company D, 39th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Captured near Franklin, TN 9/16/1864. Applied to take Oath of Allegiance January 1865 claiming to be a deserter

Toxey, C., Assistant Surgeon

Toxey, William, Surgeon, captured 9/23/1863 at Mumfordsville, KY

Vandiver, J.J., Assistant Commissary Sergeant, discharged from service by order of the Secretary of War, 8/2/1862