Company A - 25th Alabama Infantry

Adams, William H., died 6/14/1864 at Millidgeville, Georgia

Agerton, J. Matthew, died in a storm, 2/26/1862, Hall's Mill, Alabama

Agerton, W.J.

Aldrige, T., discharged for disability, 5/20/1862

Armstrong, B.A., died 4/7/1862 at Barlow's Mill, Alabama of measles

Bailey, Andrew J., Corporal, died 5/6/1862 at Okolona, Mississippi of "dropsy"

Bailey, M.

Barron, Robert

Barron, William, died 7/1/1862 at Jackson, Mississippi of fever

Beck, J.B., Sergeant

Beck, W.A., Sergeant

Beck, Wilson

Bell, Bushrod W., Captain

Black, W., wounded severely at Murfreesboror, Tennessee on 12/31/1862

Bodford, John

Brideson, ?

Brown, A.P., Sergeant, wounded 12/31/62 at Murphreesboro, Tennessee

Brown, Haron

Bumpers, Jeremiah H., died 5/1/1863 at Chattanooga, Tennessee of fever

Burelson, W.S., died 2/14/1862 at Hall's Mill, Alabama of disease

Burlison, A.W., died 2/3/1862 at Hall's Mill, Alabama of typhoid fever

Burlison, H.H., Corporal, captured 11/23/1863, Missionary Ridge, TN

Burlison, M.W., died 2/25/1862 at Hall's Mill of typhoid fever

Burter (Burton), William

Butler, Henry

Butler, Lloyd, 1st Lieutenant

Butler, R.

Butler, S.B., Corporal

Butler, Wright

Carter, Moses

Carter, P., died 1/15/1863 of wounds received on 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro, TN

Carter, Robert J., Sergeant (also served in Company H)

Carter, W.A., died before September 1863

Chesher, J.B., 2nd Lieutenant, wounded at Shiloh

Chesher, J.M., Sergeant, died 3/20/1862 at Corinth, MS of typhoid fever

Chesser, James T., captured at Nashville, TN 12/15/1864

Coon, E., died 4/13/1862 at Corinth MS of fever, Survived by Susan Coon, widow

Coon, James M., died 12/23/1861 at Barlow's Mill of "brain fever"

Corige, Charles, Captain, resigned 7/23/1863

Cumbie. James, died 1/18/1862 at Hall's Mill of "flux"

Cumbie, M.E.

Daniel, J.H.

Daniel, Nathan

Dauphin, D.H., died 11/30/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Davis, J.W., Corporal, discharged for disability 8/8/1862 at Chattanooga, TN

Davis, W., discharged 2/2/1862 at Barlow's Mill for disability

Decault, Isadore

Decaux, V., Sergeant

Dersey, D.M.

Dobyns, J.B.

Dunn, James, died 1/12/1862 at Hall's Mill of typhoid fever

England, George E., 1st Lieutenant, killed 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Leg shot off

Flowers, W.C., died 8/14/1864 at Erwin Hospital, GA. Survived by Mary Perry, mother

Foolen, M., Sergeant

Gailbraith, Joseph, deserted 11/15/1862 at London, KY

Goodin, J.

Goodwin, A.J., died 6/13/1862 at Tupelo, MS of disease

Griffin, J.S.

Grimes, W.W., died 3/22/1863 at Fairground Hospital #2, Atlanta, GA

Grimsley, J.J.

Gunter, W.A., 2nd Lieutenant, appointment renounced for excessive absences

Haden, James G., 1st Lieutenant, killed in action 7/22/1864

Haraldson, J.J.

Haraldson, J.W.R.

Harbrack, Samuel

Harden, G.R.

Harden, Moses S., captured at Nashville, TN on 12/15/1864. Died at Camp Douglas, Il 2/28/1865 of smallpox

Harison, John

Harper, Micajah, Captain, killed 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Shot in head

Harralson, ?

Hart, A.T. Sergeant, captured 3/22/1865 and sent to Ship Island, MS

Hart, J.D., died 2/18/1862 at Hall's Mill of measles

Harvey, Edward B. (D.), captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Hash, Jno., died 2/5/1862 at Hall's Mill of fever

Hashcock, M., died 2/7/1862 at Hall's Mill of measles

Hathcock, George W., killed 4/6/1862 at Shiloh

Hathwet, ?

Helton, J.H.

Hemphill, W.A., missing at Shelbyville, TN 1/3/1863. Assumed to be a prisoner

Henley, T.J., discharged for disability 11/30/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Henley, William, 2nd Lieutenant, wounded severely at Shiloh, resigned 4/25/1862

Hicks, A.

Hitchcock, Thomas

Holloway, A.J., deserted 11/30/1863 at Tyne's Station

Holloway, J.J., died 1/4/1862 in hospital at Barlow's Mill

Howard, C.M.

Huggins, J.B.

Humphries, G.B.

Ingram, James A., died before December 1863. Survived by Bryant Ingram, father

Jackson, W.M.

Jeffers (Jeffries), James H.

Jeffers, William, died 1/12/1863 at Andalusia, AL of fever

Johnson, Washington B., died 8/17/1862 at Gainesville, AL of fever. Survived by Jane Johnson, widow

Jones, ?

Jones, Richard, died 11/1/1861 at Ft. Gaines of fever

Jones, T.M., wounded at Chickamauga 9/20/1863

Jones, W.W.

Kieth, C.H.

Kemp, Marion, died 4/19/1863 at Rome, GA of fever

Landrum, Henry

Lawrence, James M.

Lovelady, Hirom W., wounded 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro. Captured and treated on 2/13/1863 at #7 USA Hospital, Louisville, KY for wound to left breast

Lynn, W. H., died of disease 3/30/1863 at Chattanooga, TN or 5/12/1863 at Rome, GA (records conflict)

Manning, George W., wounded at Chickamauga, died before 11/25/1864. Survivrd by Arthur Manning, father

Marsh, John

May, G.W.L., captured at Missionary Ridge, 11/25/1863

May, William G., treated at USA hospital, Chattanooga, TN on 2/16/1864 of gunshot wound

May, Kinchen, died in service

Meadows, J.A., died 2/9/1862 at Hall's Mill. Survived by James Meadows, father

Miles, J.P.

Mitchel, J., discharged for disability 12/13/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Mitchell, J.J., died 11/29/1862 at Corinth, MS of fever

Mullins, A.

Norton, Richard

Padget, Jesse, died 2/27/1862 at Hall's Mill of "brain fever". Survived by James Padget

Page, Isaiah, died in service

Page, J.M., died 4/10/1863 at Rome GA of fever

Parker, John J., wounded at Murfreesboro

Peateth, S.

Pinkley, Jno., died 11/15/1861 at Ft. Gaines of fever

Polatta, J.M., wounded at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862

Porter, William, Sergeant, died 12/3/1861 at Barlow's Mill of typhoid fever. Survived by Elizabeth Porter

Pritchett, B.F., died 5/30/1863 at Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN of "erysipelas"

Ralls, George W., died 4/24/1862 at Corinth of fever. Survived by Moses Rawells, father

Rhoades, J.N. (Isaac), captured 12/15/1864 at Nashville, TN. MEDAL OF HONOR, General Order 131/3 of 3/11/1863

Riley, A.W., died 1/30/1862 at Barlow's Mill

Riley, Dal, died 1/19/1862 at Camp Memminger of fever

Roberts, J.M., paroled as POW 5/19/1865 at Talladega, AL

Rogers, James W., wounded at Chickamauga 9/20/1863

Russell, William B.

Scater, William, captured 7/2/1863 at Elk River. Enlisted in Haine's Batty 8/3/1863

Serrell (Sorrels, Sewell), David, captured April 1865 at Macon, GA

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, J., Jr.

Smith, J.L.

Smith, John Q.

Smith, Moses, Corporal, wounded at Chickamauga 9/20/1863

Spears, D.G.

Spruelle, C.T.

Stanley, James, died 2/1/1862 at Mobile, AL of fever

Stanley, W.J., discharged for disability 12/1/1862 at Barlow's Mill

Stevens, Timothy, Sergeant, died 5/16/1863 at Shelbyville, TN of typhoid. Survived by Abraham Stephens, father

Stinson, S.W., 1st Lieutenant, resigned 6/18/1862 (also identified as being in Company K)

Stokes, J.W., discharged for disability 4/2/1862 at Corinth, MS

Street, H., substitute for W. Davis

Stubblefield, W.C.

Swanner, Isham

Taylor, George W., died 5/16/1863 at Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN. Born in AL

Taylor, J.C.

Terry, Thadeus, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh

Thomas, ?

Thomason (Thomasson), T.R., died 11/16/1863 at Chattanooga, TN. Survived by Margaret Thomasson

Thompson, ?, Sergeant

Thompson, Robert B., captured 5/9/1864 at Resaca, GA. Enlisted in U.S. service 3/22/1865

Tuberville, J.M., died 11/31/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Tucker, George M., Corporal

Turner, J.J., 1st Lieutenant, died 1/1/1862 at Barlow's Mill of typhoid fever

Tyler, F.M.

Tyler, G.W., died 4/10/1863 at Chattanooga, TN

Umphries, G.B

Varhall, B.

Wade, Elijah, captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Wainwright, George, transferred to Navy 5/23/1863

Walters, W.J., captured at Vicksburg 7/4/1863

Ward, H.D., discharged 1/1/1862 at Barlow's Mill. Died there 1/7/1862

Ward, J.C.

Ward, J.E.

Ward, Simeon

Ward, T.C., died 4/13/1862 at Atlanta GA of disease

Wares, Hale, died 1/22/1862 at Barlow's Mill

Waters, W.J., captured at Vicksburg 7/4/1863

Weldon, H.S. (H.L.) (H.F.), died 2/4/1862 at Hall's Mill of measles

Western, George

Williams, Joshua, died 1/2/1862 at Barlow's Mill of disease. Survived by S.J. Williams

Young, J.H., died 4/1/1863 at Rome, GA of fever