25th Alabama Infantry - Company C

Barrett, B.G.

Baxley, James M., took Oath of Allegiance at Louisville, KY on 11/16/1864 and was paroled "north of the Ohio River" for the duration of the War, however he was captured 12/6/1864 near Nashville. He died 1/28/1865 of "exhaustion" caused by the amputation of his left thigh. buried City Cemetery, Nashville, TN grave #11695. Identified as John Baxley, age 18. Survived by Harriett Baxley, Columbia, Shelby County, AL

Baxley (archived records say Boxley), W. D., died 1/23/1863 of wounds received 12/30/1962 at Murfreesboro. Survived by Latitia Baxley

Brady, M.H., discharged 1/31/1862

Breyno, T.

Brignan, Thomas

Burns, Robert, died at Madison College Hospital, Atlanta, GA on 12/16/1863.

Busby, George W., captured 5/30/1862 near Corinth, MS

Cherry, John W., died 4/24/1863 at Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN of rubella

Comer, Christopher C., Corporal, discharged for diasbility 7/2/1862

Crawford, Henry C.

Cromwell, Wiley B., captured at Missionary Ridge, TN 11/25/1863

Day, Charles N.

Dykes, James, died 2/27/1862 at Hall's Mill of disease. Survived by Synthia C. Dykes, widow

Dykes, John E., exchanged as a POW

Ellison, J., Sergeant

Ellison, Joseph H., killed 4/6/1862 at Shiloh, survived by Silas Ellison, father

Ellison, Samuel, wounded at Murfreesboro, TN 12/31/1862, MEDAL OF HONOR, General Order 131/3 dated 3/11/1863

Falkner, Henry, paroled as a POW, June 1865

Foster, Hugh, ensign

Fountain, J.

Fountain, William H., captured near Atlanta, GA 7/22/1864

Gardner, James M., died 8/14/1863 at Cherokee Springs, GA of disease. Survived by Hannah C. Gardner, widow and 2 children

Gardner, J.B., discharged for disability 7/2/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Gardner, William H., 2nd Lieutenant

Gardner, Thomas T., captured at Nashville, TN 12/5/1864. Died 4/10/1865 at Rock Island Prison, IL. grave #1938

Garner, James M., wounded and captured at Murfreesboro, admitted to USA hospital2/15/1863 at Louisville, KY

Gibbons, M., Corporal

Gragg, Wiley

Gray, W.

Griffin, L.J., discharged for disability 7/2/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Griggs, ?

Hall, W.C.

Hamil, Simon, died 5/13/1863 at Chattanooga, TN

Hand, Lawson J., Corporal, deserted and took Oath of Allegiance 11/4/1864. released north of Ohio River

Harless, H.D.T.

Harris, Griffin D.

Harrison, John H.

Hawkins, John T., Sergeant, captured 12/15/1864 at Nashville, TN

Hawkins, Thomas P.

Hendricks, James, captured 12/15/1864 at Nashville, TN

Horton, Lewis M.

Horton, William H., Sergeant, died 9/24/1863 of wounds received at Chickamauga. Survived by Kamille Horton, widow

Irvin, ?

Ivins, Alexander C., wounded at Shiloh. Captured 9/3/1864 at Atlanta, GA

Ivins, Neiphelous, captured 12/15/1864 at Nashville, TN

Jackson, J.A.B., paroled as POW 5/24/1865 at Talladega, AL

Jackson, Samuel, died 7/24/1863. Survived by Frances Jackson, widow

Johnson, J., discharged for disability 7/28/1862 at Saltillo, MS

Johnson, J.M., paroled as POW 5/29/1864 at Talladega, AL

Johnson, William V., died 3/26/1863 at Rome, GA of disease

Johnston, Wiley W.

Joiner, John W.

Jones, Elbert, Corporal

Jones, George N., died of disease at Dekalb, MS on 1/4/1863. Survived by Larkin Jones, father

Jones, John C., died 5/15/1865 of disease at Chattanooga, TN

Jones W.C., died 4/30/1862 at Corinth, MS of disease

Kelley, P.B., died 2/23/1862 at Shelby County, Al of pneumonia

Kent, ?

Kent, G.T.

Kent, Joseph D., died 5/16/1862 at Aberdeen, MS of disease. Survived by James L. Kent, father

Kent, Zadock T.

Kugler, J.L., died 3/4/1862. Fell from rail car. M & ORR

Lanahan, M.

Littleton, Isaac, deserted from Company C and returned to Company D and served honorably for duration of the War.

Littleton, John, died 2/11/1862 at Hall's Mill of "congestive chill"

Marcus, Richard, captured at Columbia, SC 2/18/1865

Martin, Andrew D.,records show subscription to Oath of Allegiance on 9/12/1863 yet being captured at Missionary Ridge on 11/25/1863

Matthews, W.R., Corporal, wounded at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862. Paroled as POW 6/5/1865 at Talladega, AL

McFarlane, P., captured at Port Gibson, 5/1/1863

McGiboney, Robert A., captured at Murfreesboro 1/5/1863

McGiboney, William, wounded at Murfreesboro, 12/31/1862

McLandon, Thomas, Corporal, died 4/6/1863 in hospital at Chattanooga, TN. Survived by Margaret McLandon

Milstead, William F., died of disease 11/16/1861 at Ft. Gaines hospital. Survived by William Milsted, father

Mims, J.H., wounded at Shiloh, 4/6/1862

Miner, James J., deserted and took Oath of Allegiance 11/15/1864. Paroled north of Ohio River

Miner, Lewis, captured at Missionary Ridge, 11/25/1863

Miner, William, died 1/25/1862 at Hall's Mill of pneumonia. Survived by Jeremiah Miner, father

Moore, Aaron M., killed 9/21/1863 at Chickamauga, TN

Moore, B.L., Sergeant

Moore, Jasper N.

Morgan, William, died 7/17/1863 at Shelby Co., AL

Morris, A.

Mullins, Thomas

Myer, Lewis, captured at Missionary Ridge, 11/25/1863

Nabors, Thomas B.

Nelson, Allen J., died 11/17/1863 near Ringold, GA of wounds received at Chickamauga. Survived by Elizabeth Nelson, widow

Nelson, John T., wounded at Chickamauga

Nivans, John H., captured at Missionary Ridge, 11/25/1863

Nolan, Seaborn, died 5/3/1863 at Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

Nolen, William, captured 4/13/1865 near Raleigh

Ousley, Pleasant M.

Ozley, Clark, deserted. dropped from roll 11/25/1863

Ozling, S., discharged 12/18/1861at Barlow's Mill

Parker, William W., captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Payne, Calvin, died 11/27/1863 at Fairground Hospital #1, Atlanta, GA. Survived by Martha J. Payne, widow

Pledger, Willis M., 1st Lieutenant

Pope, William H., Captain

Pope, William W., captured at Missionary Ridge 11/25/1863

Porter, Reese B., 4th Sergeant

Ramey (Rainey), Simpson M.

Randall, Henry C., wounded at Chickamauga 9/20/1863. Paroled as POW 5/24/1865 at Talladega, AL

Ray, Dallas M.

Ray, D.N., discharged for disability 7/2/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Ray, George W., died 9/25/1863 in field hospital of wounds received at Chickamauga. Survived by Caroline Cost, mother

Ray, J.W.

Reavis, James M., captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge. Died at Rock Island Prison 3/23/1864

Reinhardt, C.W., Musician (drummer), wounded at Shiloh 4/6/1862

Reny, D.M., paroled as POW June 1865 at Selma, AL

Rienhardt, M.R., died 4/5/1862 at Corinth of disease

Roach, James M., captured 9/3/1864 at Atlanta, GA

Robertson, A. Jackson

Robertson, James M.

Robertson, Robert, Prisoner of War

Robertson, W.R., discharged 1/22/1862 at Hall's Mill

Robinson, Benjamin F., captured 7/22/1864 near Atlanta, GA

Robinson, William, captured at Missionary Ridge 11/25/1863

Ruggett, James, died before 1/5/1863. Survived by Caroline Ruggett, widow

Rutledge, John

Rutledge, Paul A., 2nd Lieutenant, captured at Franklin, TN 12/17/1864

Scofield, Henry B., Sergeant, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh, killed in action at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862

Scofield, James D., died at Gainesville, AL 7/20/1862 of disease. Survived by John Scofield, father.

Scofield, J.M., wounded seriously at Shiloh 4/6/1862

Scofield, W.J.

Simpson, Asa J., captured at Missionary Ridge 11/25/1863. Died 5/27/1864 at Rock Island of chronic diarrhea.

Simpson, J.E., Corporal

Simpson, J.W., wounded at Chickamauga 9/20/1862. Paroled as POW in May 1865 at Talladega

Smith, George, died 2/8 or 9/1864 at Atlanta, GA of disease

Smith, J.J., died 10/7/1862 at Mumfordsville, KY of pneumonia. Survived by Missouri Smith, Widow

Sparks, W.C., paroled as POW 5/18/1865 at Talladega, AL

Suggs, Elijah, died 2/14/1864 at Kingston Hospital, GA. Survived by Martha O. Suggs, widow

Thomas, D.H., discharged for disability 6/20/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Thomas, Lewis M., wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Discharged for disability 7/1/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Thomas, P.H.

Thomas, W.H., wounded 12/31/1862 and then captured 1/5/1863 at Murfreesboro, TN

Trice, Elvin, captured near Nashville, Tn 12/15/1864. died 1/30/1865 at Camp Douglas, IL. Buried grave # 415, Block 2, Chicago City Cemetery

Trice, H.H., 2nd Lieutenent & Private, resigned commission 11/6/1862 and served the duration of the War

Wabars, A.W.

Waterson, Henry C., discharged for disability 12/10/1861 at Mobile, AL

West, Charles B., wounded severely 12/31/1862. Captured 12/15/1864 at Nashville, TN

West, Elbert A.

West, H.R., Sergeant, died 12/16/1863 at Union Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

West, Jefferson G., died 1/3/1862 in hospital at Hall's Mill. Survived by Jefferson West, father

West, Pleasant, wounded 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro

Wilson, J.H.

Wolton, J., died 4/20/1862 at Corinth, MS of disease

Wright, James M.