25th Alabama Infantry - Company D

Aaron, J.W.

Alexander, James M., died 12/7/1861 at Barlow's Mill of measles

Alfred, T.C., discharged 5/13/1863

Anthony, Bolling

Arnold, John F., captured 5/16/1864 at Resaca, GA

Ashton, J.I., died 12/29/1861 at Barlow's Mill of measles

Baggett, Matthew W., captured 7/3/1864 at Marietta, GA

Banks, James E., 2nd Lieutenant, died 1/3/1862 at St. Clair County, AL

Banks, J.J., deserted 9/12/1863 near Lafayette, GA

Banks, S.J.

Blackstock, Lewis R., captured 7/3/1864 at Marietta, GA. Enlisted for Union service 3/14/1865

Bolin, Thos., died 3/31/1862 at Corinth, MS

Bowdin, W.S., died 12/6/1861 at Barlow's Mill. Survived by Sarah A.L. Bowdin

Bowlin, John, captured at Resaca, GA 5/17/1864

Burchfield, A.G., died 8/12/1864 at Catoosa Hospital, GA

Burchfield, Jerry, 1st Sergeant, captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge, TN. Released 5/18/1865

Byers, William, Paroled as POW 5/24/1865 at Talladega, AL

Chapman, William

Clayton, J.R., died 1/9/1862 at Hall's Mill

Clayton, J.W., died 12/20/1862 in hospital at Marion, MS

Clements, J., discharged for disability 6/20/1862

Clements, John, captured 7/1/1863 at Tullahoma, TN

Cleveland, M.V., captured 7/15/1863 at Tullahoma, TN

Cochran, Collins

Collins, Lewis, died 12/31/1861 at Barlow's Mill. Survived by Mary Collins, widow and 4 children

Conn, S.

Crabtree, Thomas

Craig, W.J., wounded 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro

Crow, E.C., discharged for disability 10/4/1862 at Barlow's Mill

Crow, Franklin

Crow, J., died 3/6/1862 at Corinth, MS of "congestive chill"

Crump, S.J., Sergeant

Davis, George W., wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh

Delano, D., discharged 1/10/1862 at Baelow's Mill

Earley, J.W., Sergeant, discharged 1/10/1862 at Barlow's Mill

Earley, Reuben, 1st Lieutenant, resigned 2/17/1862

Early, J.E., Sergeant

Ellis, Radfoed A., killed in action at Chickamauga, TN. Survived by Silas Ellis, father

Falks, J.M., died before 1/30/1864. Survived by Harriet Falks, widow

Franklin, G.W.

Fulton, I.W.

Galbraith, J.M., died 12/1/1861 at Barlow's Mill. Survived by A.R. Galbreath, widow

Gibbs, B.W., died at Columbus Hospital before 8/1/1863

Green, R.A., 2nd Lieutenant, died 5/16/1862 at Ashville after being wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh, TN

Hankins, ?, 2nd Lieutenent, killed 12/31/1862

Harp, John

Hawkins, Hilliard R., captured 5/16/1864 at Resaca, GA

Hawkins, W.B., killed 9/20/1863 at Chickamauga, TN

Hayden, W.A., 2nd Lieutenant, resigned 6/16/1862

Higgins, W.T.

Higginbotham, Thomas J., died 11/25/1862 of disease at Chattanooga, TN

Huff, H.L.

Huff, John

Huff, John W., died in service

Huff, William

Humphries, John, Corporal

Humphries, T.

Ingram, J.P., deserted 1/12/1864

Ingram, W.J., paroled as POW 5/24/1965 at Talladega, AL

Isaacks, G.W., deserted 11/2/1863

Jackson, ?

Jenkins, L.N., Corporal

Johnson, C.T., Lieutenant, wounded and captured at Nashville, TN 12/15/1864. Died 12/19/1864 of gunshot wound

Johnson, F.M.

Jones, George W., 2nd Lieutenant, captured 12/15/1864 at Nashville, TN

Jones, James D.

Jones, R.

Jones, W.F.

Jones, W.R., paroled as POW 5/24/1865 at Talladega, AL

Jordan, Thomas

Kay, W.

Keen, W.E.G., 1st Lieutenant, resigned 4/12/1864

Keith, ?

Ketcham, C.C., discharged 12/10/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Kidd, E.M., wounded severely at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862

King, W.E.C., 1st Lieutenant

Landerson, J.A.

Lawley, A.J., captured 5/14/1864 at Resaca, GA. Died 11/24/1864 at Alton Prison of chronic diarrhea

Littleton, Isaac, returned from desertion of Company C and served honorably for duration of War

Love, ?

Love, Aaron, died 12/7/1861 at Barlow's Mill of "flux"

Lovel (Lowell), Baylis

Lovel, Jesse

Lowe, H.M., deserted 11/7/1863 near Stevenson, AL and enlisted in US forces

Lowe, M., discharged for disability 7/15/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Lowell, Baylis

Machen, J.H.

Maddel, R.J., wounded severely 4/6/1862 at Shiloh

Mangham, Thomas J., 1st Lieutenant

Mangham, W.P., 2nd Lieutenant, resigned January 1862

Marion, J.F., died 6/18/1862 at Tupelo of disease

Marion, Leonard T., died before 12/23/1862

Mauldin, J., died 4/26/1862 at Corinth of disease

Mauldin, ?

Melton (Milton), J.Q., musician

Mize, J.A.J.

Moor, P.M.

Morris, H.L., Captain, wounded severely at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862. Captured 1/5/1863. Paroled as POW 5/18/1865 at Talladega, AL

Morrow, Arthur, died 11/1/1862 at Courthouse Hospital, Knoxville, TN. Survived by Hugh Morrow, father

Mote, James A., wounded at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862. MEDAL OF HONOR, General Order 131/3 of 11/3/1863

Myers, J.W.

Nelms, J.C., Sergeant, wounded at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862

Nelson, John C., deserted 9/20/1863

Nelson, W., paroled as POW 5/29/1865 at Talladega, AL

Newberry, J.W.

Nichols, W., discharged 1/10/1862 at Barlow's Mill

Nicks, Lewis, Captured near Marietta, GA 7/3/1864. Applied to take Oath of Allegiance 8/31/1864. Enlisted in Co. I, 6th US Volunteers 4/2/1865

Nickson, Allen W., Captain, dismissed by order of General Bragg, April 1862. Declared a deserter 4/16/1862

O'meara, Michael, captured 7/9/1863 at Franklin, TN. Considered to be a deserter. To be released north of the Ohio River on taking the Oath of Allegiance

Oneal, John, wounded severely 4/6/1862 at Shiloh

Pate, S.P., paroled as POW 5/24/1865 at Talladega, AL

Patterson, John S.

Payne, William

Pearson, David, died of disease 7/23/1863 at Marietta, GA

Peck, Samiel E.

Pierce, Moses, born Pendleton, SC. Discharged 4/26/1863 at Rome, GA

Pierce, William J., died 6/10/1863 at Shelbyville, TN of disease. Survived by Joshua Pierce, father

Pinson, Puston C., killed 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Survived by Sarah F. Pinson, widow

Prince, W.A.

Prince, W.J.

Ramsey, Rufus M.

Ray, D.

Reese, George W.

Reid, John W.

Reynolds, James B., captured near Resaca, GA 5/16/1864

Reynolds, Samuel N., captured 5/16/1864 at Resaca, Ga. Died 7/24/1864 at Alton Military Prison

Rich, James

Rich, John

Rich, William C., captured 5/15/1864 at Resaca, GA

Riggs, Sion B., wounded and captured at Nashville, TN 12/15/1864

Rex, John

Ross, Walker, died 3/27/1863 at Fair Grounds Hospital #2, Atlanta, GA

Sanders, E.L.

Sheffield, J., discharged 11/24/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Sheffield, J.W., deserted near Lafayette, GA 9/20/1863

Simmonds, W.P., killed at Chickamauga 9/20/1863

Simmons, Melmoth P., killed at Chickamauga 9/20/1863. Survived by Mary S. Simmons, widow. Other records conflict on date of death

Simmons, Rufus, deserted 10/2/1863

Simmons, William P., died 12/6/1861 at Barlow's Mill. Survived by Sarah Simmons, widow

Simpson, Thomas M., died at Ft. Gaines, AL 11/22/1861. Survived by John Simpson

Smith, Benjamin F., discharged for disability 2/24/1863 at Rome, GA

Smith, John

Smith, M.

Springfield, H.J., Orderly Sergeant, deserted 6/5/1862 at Clear Creek

Staton, J.H., 2nd Lieutenent, resigned 3/12/1864

Steal (Steel), B.F., captured 5/16/1864 at Resaca, Ga

Stephenson, T.J., Corporal, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Died before 1/9/1864. Survived by S.W. Stephenson, father

Stone, J., killed 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro, TN. Survived by Micajah Stone, father

Stovall, Drewry

Thomason, Leander, killed at Chickamauga 9/20/1863

Umphries, John

Vann, John W., Sergeant, paroled at Newton, NC 4/19/1865

Vann, R.J., discharged 11/24/1861 at Barlow's Mill

Vaughn, J.P., died 4/24/1863 at Quintara Hospital, GA

Vinson, J.F.

Waters, Peter

Watkins, A.F.

Watson, James F., died in hospital at Gainesville, AL before 3/5/1864. Survived by Millie A. Watson, widow

West, ?, 2nd Lieutenant, killed 12/31/1862

White, W.A.

Williams, J.T., died 7/30/1862 at Aberdeen, MS

Wilson, A.J., paroled as POW 5/25/1865 at Talladega, AL

Wilson, James, wounded in service

Wilson, Wesley

Windsor, J.G., died 4/25/1862 at Corinth, MS of disease

Wright, Emmett, Corporal, deserted 7/2/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Wright, N.E., wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh