25th Alabama Infantry - Company H

Abbott, Henry, applied to take Oath of Allegiance February 1865. Discharged 5/17/1865

Acker, Henry (Henderson) P., Corporal

Acraft, F., died June 1862 at Corinth, MS

Alexander, H.W., Corporal, died 4/7/1862 at Corinth, MS

Allen, Bailie P., 2nd Lieutenant, dismissed 11/22/1861

Allison, Jonathon, appers on a roll of deserters dated 5/23/1865

Andrews, William F., died 4/18/1863 of paralysis at Chattanooga, TN

Baker, Robert Bruce, Captain, resigned 11/25/1862 due to disability

Baldwin, Andrew J., died 3/31/1864 at Dalton, GA. Survived by Nancy E. Baldwin

Baldwin, O.P.

Ball, John S., captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Basil, John, captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Bedford, J.W.

Bittle, George, Corporal

Bradley, M.A., died 2/2/1862 at Hall's Mill

Brown, W.H., died June 1862 at Corinth

Buford, T.J., discharged for disability 6/15/1862 at Tupelo, MS

Cann, William F, Sergeant

Carraway, Thomas J.

Carr, ?

Clark, W.J.

Collins, Davis

Conley, James M., Corporal, exchanged as POW 1/23/1863

Conser, William M., captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Coum, J.H.

Cowan, Harrison, Sergeant

Cowan, J.A., died 3/8/1863 at Fairgrounds Hospital, Atlanta, GA of pneumonia

Crain, John F.

Daffron, B.H., died 4/18/1862 at Oxford, MS of typhoid fever

Daffron, Cicero, died after November 1862. Survived by Noah Daffron, father

Davis, B.V.

Davis, William M.

Denham, Abner M.

Devangha (Devaughn), W. Duffy (McDuffy), captured 5/15/1864 at Resaca, GA

Dixon, Daniel D., discharged for disability 4/1/1862 at Oxford, MS

Dixon, J.S., died at home June 1862. Survived by Sarah A.E. Dixon

Doller, James

Eidson, J.D., died 5/23/1863 at Chattanooga of fever

Elgan (Elgin), Robert M., captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Fishs, Thomas E., captured 5/16/1864 at Resaca, GA

Frasier, Hames, paeoled as POW 6/13/1865 at Talladega, AL

Frazier, Hezekiah, killed 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro. Survived by Mary Ann Frasier, widow

Freeman, Elijah R., captured 9/20/1863 at Chickamauga. Applied to take Oath of Allegiance 12/15/1863

Freeze, Benjamin H., died before 5/11/1863. Survived by Caroline M. Freeze

Funderburk, J., deserted 9/13/1863. Took Oath of Allegiance 9/17/1863

Gallispey, T.M., discharged 1/17/1862 at Hall's Mill

Garret, Geotge M.

Garrett, Tolliver R., captured 4/21/1865 at St. Clair County, AL

Galaspy, James M.

Gillilland, D., died 4/8/1862 of disease at Corinth

Given, Matthew A., died 5/10/1863 at Atlanta, GA of typhoid

Gray, Elija N.

Green, M.T.

Gunter, Geo. W., discharged for disability 4/30/1863 at Rome, GA

Hall, Charles, captured 4/20/1865 at Macon, GA

Hanson, Aquilla, died 5/21/1863 at Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN of diahrrea

Hardy, ?

Harmon, Andrew J., Sergeant, captured 10/8/1862 near Springfield, KY

Harris, Reuben

Harrison, John P., 1st Sergeant

Hays, Thomas J., captured 5/14/1864. Enlisted in US Army 6/10/1864

Hazlewood, Robert M., took Oath of Allegiance 7/14/1864

Hill, John W., captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge. Took Oath of Allegiance 11/11/1864

Holsonburk, Daniel, paroled as POW 5/25/1865 at Talladega, AL

Homan, ?

Johnson, Albert, died at Shelbyville, TN. Survived by Elizabeth E. Johnson

Johnson, Marius B., 2nd Lieutenant

Johnson, Richard P., Sergeant, died 3/28/1862 at Corinth, age 44. Survived by Elizabeth E. Johnson, widow

Johnson, William G., Lieutenant

Johnson, J.

Jordan, Green, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh

Kelley, Francis M., paroled as POW 5/25/1865 at Talladega, AL

Kellom, V.R., born in GA. died 7/22/1863 in camp near Shelbyville, TN

Kennedy (Cannaday), Franklin, died 11/23/1862 at Tullahoma, TN. Survived by Jesse Cannaday, father

Knox, W.T.

Lawler, Levi R., died 7/22/1863 at Ringold, GA of disease

Leipp, David C., captured 5/20/1864 at Cassville, GA

Lewalan, R.

Limbaugh (Limber), S.P., discharged 1/25/1862 at Hall's Mill

Limbo, Henry, captured 12/15/1864 near Nashville, TN

Limbor (Limbaugh), William R., captured 5/16/1864. Enlisted in US Navy 6/10/1864

Linton, George W., died at Corinth, MS

Linton, Henry, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Discharged as POW 5/25/1865

Linton, H.H., discharged for disabilty 4/1/1862 at Oxford, MS

Macon, G.C., listed as missing, June 1863 at Corinth

Macon, Simm G., died 3/27/1862 at Corinth, MS. Survived by Fanny E. Macon, widow

Martin, Daniel G., captured 12/18/1864 at Franklin, TN

Mashburn, Lanso D., captured 7/22/1864 near Atlanta, GA

May, T.

McCurn, Hollifield, deserted from camp on the night of 11/28/1863 on Missionary Ridge

McKenney, R.C., paroled as POW 5/16/1865 at Talladega, AL

McKinney, Reese H.

Moore, T.R., captured 5/16/1864 at Resaca, GA

Morgan, Samuel, wounded 9/20/1863

Neighbors, William, captured 7/22/1864 near Atlanta, GA. Died at Camp Chase, OH

Norman, Joseph C., discharged for disabilty 4/1/1862 at Oxford, MS

Parker, James E., died 7/1/1863 at Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN. Survived by Rebecca A. Parker, widow

Patterson, E.J., missing at Corinth, MS June 1862

Patterson, Samuel G., Corporal, died 10/25/1863 of wounds received at Chickamauga 9/25/1863.

Percival, ?

Perry, ?, wounded April 1862

Perry, Augustus

Perry, Ira, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Captured 12/25/1864 near Nashville, TN

Perry, J.

Perry, Levi, captured 12/16/1864 at Nashville, TN. Applied to take Oath of Allegiance February 1865

Price, James C., paroled as POW 5/15/1865 at Talladega, AL

Pruett, ?

Pruitt, William H.H., died 4.29.1862 at Corinth, MS. Survived by Alexander Pruitt, father

Reisener, P.

Rich, ?

Rich, T., wounded 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro

Riley, ?

Riley, J.W. (William J.), born in Newton Co., GA. Died 3/28/1862 in hospital at Corinth, MS. Survived by Jefferson Riley, father

Riley, William F.

Risener, Pinckney P., died before 3/16/1863

Roberson, C., paroled as POW May 1865 at Talladega, AL

Roberts, Jeptha W., deserted 7/1/1862 at Saltillo, MS

Roberts, Joshua O., born in Lampkin Co., GA. died 7/12/1862 at Okolona, MS of disease. Survived by I.N. Roberts, father

Robertson, Cincinatus

Robinson, Charles W., Sergeant

Russell, Gabriel H., Sergeant

Scott, J.S., wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Paroled as POW 5/20/1865 at Talladega, AL

Searles, C.M.

Simmons, C.M., paroled as POW 5/19/1865 at Talladega, AL

Simms, M., Sergeant

Sissen, William T., paroled as POW 5/20/1865 at Talladega, AL

Sisson, Simon S., discharged for disability 7/14/1862 at Saltillo, MS

Smith, C.C., died 4/21/1862 at Corinth, MS of disease. Survived by Parmalee Smith, father

Smith, H.J., died 6/25/1862 in hospital at Corinth, MS

Smith, James H., Corporal, captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge after having been previously paroled near Springfield, KY on 11/8/1862. Sent to Louisville, KY 12/3/1863. Captured again near Nashville 12/15/1864

Smith, J.H.

Smith, Marcus

Smith, Wilson, discharged for disability 7/14/1862 at Saltillo, MS

Smith, Zion N., captured 7/22/1864 near Atlanta, GA

Sparks, Abner E.

Sparks, William H.

Spence, Robert, 2nd Lieutenant, wounded at Murfreesboro 12/31/1862. Resigned 11/10/1863

Spence, William J., Captain

Spurlin, Riley

Stollenwerck, A.G., paroled as POW 5/10/1865 at Montgomery, AL

Stone, H.F.

Stone, James, discharged for disability 7/14/1862 at Saltillo, MS

Stone, J.R.

Stone, Moses F.

Stringfellow, Robert, wounded 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Paroled as POW 5/22/1865 at Talladega, AL

Tary, S.M.

Taylor, Benjamin F., born in GA. Died 5/23/1863 at Academy Hosptal, Chattanooga, TN

Taylor, James M.

Thomas, ?

Thomason, W.J., discharged 1/29/1862 at Hall's Mill

Thompson, Jeptha, captured 11/25/1863 at Missionary Ridge

Thompson, Waddy, Corporal, captured at Nashville, TN 12/16/1864

Trueman, ?

Trussell, J., died of disease 4/14/1862 at Corinth, MS

Turner, Abraham, captured at Missionary Ridge 11/25/1863

Turner, E.C., Captain, resigned 8/22/1862

Turner, F.M., died from disease 8/24/1863

Warren, C.D., transferred to 18th Regiment 2/25/1862 at Hall's Mill

Watson, Albert G.

Watson, James T., transferred from 18th Regiment 2/27/1862

Welsh, Isham, captured 12/16/1864 at Nashville, TN

White, James G.A.

Wilcox, ?

Williams, J.B., 2nd Lieutenant, died 7/15/1862 at Aberdeen, MS. Survived by Mary F. Williams

Wood, D.G., killed at Shiloh 4/6/1862. Survived by Mary Ann Wood, widow

Zellner, A.S., died 2/15/1862 at Hall's Mill