27th Alabama; unknown companies

Soldiers of the 27th

Soldiers whose Companies are not known ---

ADAMS, John S., Private; took Oath Sept 1864

AUSTIN, Philip; died before 2/26/1863

BEVIS, Jesse M.; died 3/7/1862, Alton, Ill.

BOLDING, T.J., 1st Sgt.

BROWN, John L., Private

COLSTON, William W., Private

EADY, Charles, (?); died prior to 2/20/1863

ETHERIDGE, Joseph F., Private

GILBERT, Albert G., Private

HARDY, Charles, Private

HARRIS, Asher K., Private

HARRIS, John, Private; died 8/5/1862, Alton, Ill.

HILL, Edgar, Private; died 3/13/1862 on Steamer White Cloud

HORRES, James, Private; died 2/29/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

JONES, John P., (?)

KIRK, William L., Private; deserted prior to August 1864

LUCKY, Richard, Private; died 7/24/1862

MITCHELL, A.S., 1st Lt.

OREAR, D., Private

REATON, John, Private


SHARP, Owen, Private


STOUT, Patrick, Private

SOUTHERLAND, William N., Private

WATSON, W.S., (?); released on Oath 11/10/1863

WYATT, I., Private

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