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Josiah Truss who died on March 30, 1863 while on duty with the 31st of Mississippi company D was the Son of Warren and Nancy Truss of Trussville Alabama. He was Born in Trussville in 1818. He married Elizabeth G. Hagood and they remained in Alabama at least through 1840. He is in Mississippi for the 1860 census. He enlisted with the 31st on March 7 1862. He was detailed to vicksburg as a hospital nurse on July 27th 1862. He was listed among the dead in the March/April 1863 report. It is indicated that he died of Pneumonia. (this was following the steele bayou encounter when the 31st was among the units sent to stop Union ships under the command of David Dixon Porter. The men were forced to engage the enemy in the waist/neck deep waters of the bayou.) H. Joe Tyson great great grandson of Josiah Truss

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