Company A

Company A --- Franklin County, Alabama

ADCOCK, Stephen, Private; deserted 6/6/1863

ASKEW, Henry, Private; died 2/9/1862

ASKEW, John, Private; deserted 9/10/1863

ASKEW, Joseph (Josiah), Private

BAINS, Patrick, Private

BARKER, Peter, 1st Lt.

BARNES, P., Private

BIEON (BIERNS), Patrick, Private; deserted

BLACKSTOCK, William C., Private

BOWDEN, (?), Private

BRADEN, A.J., Private

BRADEN, H.A., Private; died 3/11/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BRADEN, William, Private

BRIDGES, James, Private

BRITNELL, J.W., Bvt. 2nd Lt.

BROWN, George W., Private

BURKE, Samuel D., Private

BURRUSS, T.P., Private

BUTLER, John, Private; deserted 9/30/1863, Morton, Miss.

CLOUGH, George W., Private

CLARKE, Thomas, Private

COCKRAN, Collins W., Private; died 11/4/1862, Grenada, Miss.

CRAWFORD, J.T., Private

DAVIS, Barney J., Private

DAVIS, Henry S., Private

DOTSON, F.J., Private

DOTSON, Joseph, Private

EATON, Samuel K., Sgt.

EGLESTON, G.B., Private; deserted 4/15/1863, Demopolis, Ala.

FAY, Patrick, Private

FRY, Alison W., 1st Lt.

GARMANY, William H., 2nd Lt.

GARVIN, Levi A., Private; died 3/1/1862, Padukah, Ky.

GILLAND, Hoyt, Private

GOODWIN, F.S.B., Capt.


GOUGH, Thomas W., Private

GRAY, John S., Private

GREEN, J.C., Private

GREEN, J.G., Private; died 2/21/1862, Franklin Co., Ala.

GREEN, W.J., Private; deserted 6/6/1863

HALLUM, J.N., Cpl.; died 6/23/1863, Ft Deleware, Del.

HAMBY, James W., Private

HANIC, Marion G., Private

HARKERSMITH, Elias J., Private

HARPER, G.A., Private; died 4/5/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

HEINE, Henry, Private

HENDERSON, Isaac T., Private

HENLEY, George, 2nd Lt.

HENLEY, John D., Private


HENLEY, Thomas W., 2nd Lt.

HINDMAN, Jesse M., Private

HOOKER, G.W., 1st Sgt.

HUDSON, John D., Private

HURLEY, G.W., 2nd Lt.

HURLEY, Polk, Private; deserted 3/1/1862

JOHNSON, Stephen D., Private

KEYS, John B., Private

KIKER, L.P., Private

KING, J.L., Private; deserted 6/6/1863

KING, M.V., Private; deserted 6/6/1863

KISER, L.B., Private

LANDERS, Jacob, Private; deserted 4/15/1863, Meridian, Miss.

LEONARD, William, Private

LESLIE, Martin B., Sgt.

LINER, Marion, Private

LOWREY, Adam, Sgt.

MAGNESS, L.H., Private

MANING, J.D., Private

MAY, S.W., Private; deserted 9/30/1863, Morton Miss.

MAYES, James H., Sgt.

McCLUSKY, T.B., Private

McDERMIT, Joseph, Private

McGUYER, William J., Cpl.

McWILLIAMS, J.A., Private; deserted 9/30/1863, Morton, Miss.

McWILLIAMS, J.W., Private; deserted 6/6/1963, Benton, Miss.

MILWER, C.S., Private

MITCHELL, Thomas J., 1st Lt.

MOORE, C.C., Private; died 1/26/1863, Florence, Ala.

MOORE, James W., Cpl.

MOORE, J.E., Capt.

MORGAN, W.W., Private; died 7/31/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

MULINAX, William, Private

MURPHY, John, Private

MURPHY, Louis, Private

NETHERLAND, John M., Private

NOLEN, Jesse T., 2nd Lt.

NOLEN, R.W., Private; deserted November 1863

NUNNELLY, Peter, Capt.

OLIVER, Daniel, Private

OLIVER, Hirham, Private

PHILLIPS, Franklin, Private

PORTWOOD, Jesse, Private

PRICHARD, William, Private

REED, James J., Private; died 2/14/1862, Clarksville, Tenn.

RICHERSON, J.T., Private

RICHERSON, T.S., Sgt.; died 6/27/1863, Vicksburg, Miss.

ROBERTSON, Columbus F., Cpl.

SMITH, G.W., Private

SMITH, Joseph, Private

SMITH, W.M., 2nd Lt.

SPEER, W.T., Cpl.; died 12/1/1863, Lauderdale Springs, Miss.

STEEL, Alsom, Private; died 5/30/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

TAYLOR, J., rank unknown, died 6/16/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

TAYLOR, Jackson, Private; deserted 4/13/1863, Meridian, Miss.

TEAGUE, James R., Private

TOWNSEND, B.F., Private; deserted 8/14/1863

TRICE, James T., Sgt.

TURNER, William R., Private

WALLACE, J.P., Private

WALLACE, W.H., Private

WARHURST, J.M., Private; deserted 4/15/1863, Meridian, Miss.

WARHURST, S.F., Private

WHITLOCK, William, Private; deserted 5/27/1864

YOCUM, George W., Private

YOUNG, John L., Private

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