Company B

Company B --- Franklin County, Alabama

ALLISON, James M., Private; deserted 7/20/1863

ANGLE, William N., Private

BAKER, Andrew T., Sgt.

BAKER, Joel F., Private

BATES, Henderson E., Private

BEAVER, Silas J., 1st Sgt.

BENTLEY, John G., 2nd Lt.

BOUTLY, J.G., 2nd Lt. (may be BENTLEY, J.G.)

BOYD, J.B., Private

BOYD, Jefferson F., Private

BROWN, Albert G., Private

BROWN, Fanto P., Private

BURLESON, J.F., Private

BURLESON, W.M., Private

CANNON, Calop B., Private

CANNON, James M., Private

CANNON, William A., Sgt.

CARTER, J.C., Private

CHAFFAN, J., Private; died 7/22/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

CHISHOLM, Daniel, Private

COX, C.H., Private

COX, James A., Private

COX, James M., Sgt.

COX, William, Private

CROSS, Jonas B., Private; deserted 7/7/1864

CRUCEL, John T., Private

CRUCEL, Joshua B., Private

CULPEPPER, Joel, M., Sgt.

DANIELS, C., Private

DAVENPORT, George W., Cpl.

DAVIS, Henry C., Private

DOWNS, J.M., 2nd Lt.

DRAKE, Ephram H., Cpl.

DYKES, J.T., Private

EMERSON, E.H., Capt.

ENY, John A., Private

FIRMAN, J.W., Private

FOREMAN, Jesse W., Private

GENTRY, James P., Private

GEORGE, John S., 3rd Sgt.

GIBSON, W.F.C., Private

GILL, W.B., Private

GRAHAM, William G., Private

HAMPTON, John T., Private

HAMPTON, Robert G., 1st Lt.

HARREL, Theodore F., 2nd Lt.

HELVISTON, Peter, Private

HOLLAND, H.E., Private

HOLLAND, James M., Private

HOLLAND, J.I., Private

HOLLAND, J.T., Private,; died 4/20/1865 as a P.O.W., Newport News, VA.

HOWELL, T.F., 2nd Lt.

HUMPHRIS, S., Private

HUNT, John H., Private

HUNT, William A., Private

JAMES, C.S., Private

JULIAN, Anthony G., Private; died before 3/26/1863

LEADBETTER, John W.O., Private; died 7/3/1963, Ft. Deleware, Del.

LINDSAY, Robert M., 1st Lt.

MALOY, V.P., Private

MCLUNG, Jos. H., Private; also served in Company H

MILES, Samuel R., Private

MILLER, Lansford A., Private

MILLER, William M., Private

MILLS, C.B., Private

MOORE, Allen J., Private

MOORE, William B., Private

OWNES, Lewis H., Private

PARKER, John F., Private

PATTERSON, John W., Private

POOL, W.M., Private

PRATER, N.F., Private

ROBERSON, Joe, Private

ROBERSON, L.G., Private

ROBERTS, John L., Private

ROBINS, Augustus, Private

ROGERS, Isaac J., Capt.

ROGERS, J.S., Cpl.

ROWAN, Baily D., Private

SELLERS, Hardy, Private

SELLERS, John A., Private

SHELTON, George A., Private; took Oath 11/27/1864

SHERLEY, John W., Cpl.

SHOEMAKER, William P., Private

SMITH, James A., Private

STAMPHILL, Vincent C., Sgt.; died 7/18/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

STAMPHILL, W.P., Private

STRINGER, Matthew B., Cpl.

TAYLOR, Stephen H., Private

TAYLOR, William, Private

THOMPSON, Robert M., Private

TREADWAY, Elias, Private

TUCKER, George W., Private

TUCKER, Wiley, Private

VADEN, Francis M., Private

VEACH, Stephen D., Private

VICK, Charles J., Private

WARD, G.B., Private

WATSON, David G., Private

WATSON, Robert H., Capt.; deserted 7/17/1863

WATTS, John W., Private

WEBB, Thomas J., Private

WEBB, Wesley W., Private

WEBSTER, J.A., Private

WELLS, R., Private

WEST, Columbus C., Private

WILKES, William H., Private

WILLIAMS, William W., Private

WILLS, Ransom, Private

WREN, G.R., Private

WREN, W.T., Private, cook for officers

WROTEN, Thomas L., Private

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