Company C

Company C --- Lauderdale County

ADAMS, Henry J., Private

ALEXANDER, E.M., 1st Lt.

ANDERSON, J.R., Private

ARMSTRONG, J.F., Private; took Oath 8/30/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BALCOMBE, Allen, Private

BARBER, J.M., Private

BAULKENER, (?), Private

BAYLES, John H., Private

BECKWITH, A.W., 2nd Lt.

BEDFORD, Jesse D., Sgt.

BEVIS, A.J., Private; died 6/20/1863, Lauderdale Springs, Miss.

BEVIS, T.F., Private

BRADFORD, J.D., Sgt.; deserted 8/15/1863

BRYANT, Edward, Private; deserted 6/1/1863

BURGE, William, Private; deserted 6/13/1863, Big Black River

BURR, James, Private

CANADA, Starling, Private

CANADA, W.A., Cpl.

CANNON, E.N., Private

CANNON, J.P., Sgt.

CARR, Jackson, J., Private

CARR, Milton, Private

CASEY, Samuel G., (?); died 6/10/1863, Alton, Ill.

CHANDLER, James H., 1st Lt.

CLANTON, Jesse, Private; deserted 8/13/1863

CLANTON, Joseph, Private

CLARK, Samuel, Cpl.

CLINTON, Isaac, Private

COOK, Samuel V., Cpl.; deserted 11/5/1863

COTHRON, W. Monroe, Private

CROOKS, Samuel B., Private

DALRYMPLE, T.W., Private

DEMPSEY, John Y., Private


DEWBERRY, Jabez, Private; died 3/22/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

DOCKINS, Reuben, Private

DOWDY, W.C., Private; supposedly killed 11/8/1862, Perryville, Ky.

DUCKIN, Reuben, Private (see also DOCKINS)

EZELL, D.C., Private

FLETCHER, J.W., 1st Sgt.

FLINT, GEORGE, Private; died 4/2/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

FLYNT, Henry A., Private

FLYNT, John, 2nd Sgt.

GARRETT, W.J., Private

GARVIN, William M., Private

GENTRY, John W., Lt.

GILBERT, Richard, Private


GRIMES, George B., Private

HACKETT, Thomas, Private

JOHNSON, D.T., Private

JONES, John W., Private

JONES, Natan A., Private

LANDERS, Isaac C., Private

LANGFORD, Joseph E., Private; died 6/1/1863, Woodville, Miss.

LANGFORD, W.D., Private


LINDSAY, Aid, Private

LINDSAY, Andrew J., Private; died 7/19/1863, Ft. Deleware, Del.

LINSEY, Monroe, Private

LOVE, Thomas J., Private

LOVELACE, Asa, Private

LOVELACE, Hazlet L., Private

MARTIN, Asbury, Private; deserted 8/15/1863

McCAMPBELL, James A., Private

McINTYRE, A.J., Private

MOLT, William, Private

MOODY, James W., Private

NIXON, William H., Private

NORMAN, William C., Private

ODOM, Watson W., Private

OLIVE, James J., 2nd Lt.; resigned 2/11/1865

PALMER, James W., Private; died before 4/28/1864

PALMER, Samuel, Private

PALMER, William C., Private

PARIS, Elias C., Private

PARKER, George W., Private

PHILIPS, John Wesley, Private; deserted 3/12/1863, Port Hudson, La.

PHILLIPS, Charles W., Private; discharged 9/28/1862

POOL, G.C., Private

POOL, James M., Private

POOL, Nathaniel A., Sgt.; deserted 8/13/1863

PRICE, Caswell, Private; discharged 5/9/1863

PRUITT, John C., Private; deserted August 1863, Canton, Miss.

RANDLE, Wiley W., Sgt.

RHODES, N.S., Private

RICHARDSON, Bryant W., Private

RICHARDSON, James W., Private

RICHARDSON, Jefferson L., Private

SEGO, G.W., Private; deserted 8/15/1863

SHARP, Ira, Private

SIMMONS, James M., 1st Sgt.; died before March 1863

SMITH, J.R., Private; deserted 8/15/1863

SPENCE, W.M., Sgt.

STEVENS, Tubal C., Private

SUMMERHILL, William R., Corporal

TERRILL, Richard, Private

THOMAS, N.A., Private

THOMPSON, Empson B., Capt.

THOMPSON, William A., 1st Sgt.; died 10/9/1863, Lauderdale Springs, Miss.

TIDWELL, Samuel, Private

WAITS, Shelton A., Private

WALLACE, J.W., Private

WALLACE, S.M., Private; died 5/10/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

WALLACE, W.A., Private

WALLACE, W.J., Private

WERSON, Randolph, Private (may be WESSON)

WESSON, William, Private; died 3/28/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

WHEELER, A.S., Capt.

WILKINSON, O.T., Private

WILLIAMS, Allen C., Private

WINBOURNE, Henry G., Sgt.

WRILEY, T., Private

YOUNG, William W., Private; deserted 8/15/1863

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