Company D

Company D --- Lawrence County

ADAIR, Albert, Private; deserted 10/28/1864

ALDRIDGE, Nathaniel, Sgt

ALLEN, D.M., Private

BARKS, W.R., Cpl.

BODDINGFIELD, James, (?); died 8/27/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BORUM, John S, Private; died 3/20/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BOWEN, J., Private

BROOKS, C.C., (?); died before 7/23/1863

BROWN, John W., Private

BROWN, W.H., Bvt. 2nd Lt.

BROWNE, Samuel, Private

BURDEN, Andrew, Private; died 3/9/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

BURKS, William, Private; 3/20/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BUTCHER, Joshua W., Cpl.

CALLAHAN, Henry M., Private

CAMPER, B.F., Private

CASSADY, Samuel, Private

CHINAULT, James, Private

COOPER, A.H., Private

COOPER, J.P., Cpl.

COOPER, J.T., Private

COOPER, William, Private

DAUGHERTY, W.H., 1st Lt.

DERRICK, W.Y., Private

DODSON, W.S., Private

DOSS, W.R., Private; died 2/26/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

ETHERIDGE, B.J., Private

FARLEY, Stephen, (?); died before 7/6/1863

FARLEY, Thomas W., (?); died before 11/4/1862

FARRIS, B.M., 1st Lt.

FISHER, Jackson, Private

FRANKS, Joseph W., 1st Sgt.

GRAY, John, Private

GRAY, William B., Sgt.

GRIMES, Nicholas M., Private

HARRY, J.S., Private; discharged 7/18/1863, debility, old age

HINDMAN, A.J., Private

HOLLAND, R., 2nd Lt.

IRBY, P.M., Private

IRELAND, Richard, Private; died 5/30/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

IRWIN, H.B. "Punch", Capt.

JAMES, Isaac S., Musician

KENNADAY, E., Private

MABERRY, A.P., 1st Sgt.; died 7/13/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

MACHEN, L.H., Private; joined Union Army 11/23/1863

MALONEY, A.M., Private; died 7/14/1862

MANDLEY, W.E., 2nd Lt.

MAYBERRY, E., Private; died 3/22/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

McDANIEL, Elijah, Cpl.

MELSON, John, Private

NICHOLS, W.J., Private

ODOM, James H., Cpl.

OLD, H.B., Private

PARKER, Bluford, Private; died 7/9/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

PARKER, R., Private; died 7/9/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

PAYNE, Richard Elliott, Private

PICKELSIMMER, Jason, Private; discharged 9/28/1862

PONDER, W.J., 2nd Lt.

POSEY, J.M., Cpl.

POWELL, George W., Private; furloughed on re-enlistment, never returned

POWELL, Peter, Cpl.; died 3/17/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

PRICE, James A., Private

ROBERTS, J.R., Private

RUSSELL, F.M., Private

SAMMONS, Benjamin, Private

SAPP, John A., Private

SAPP, Robert W., Private

SHEETS, Thomas B., 3rd Lt.


SURNER, A.J., Private

TOLIVER, J.E., Private; died 12/4/1863, Memphis, Tenn.

WALKER, J.E., Private

WARREN, E.T., 1st Lt.

WATKINS, R.J., Private

WARSON, John T., Private

WILSON, Henry B., Private

WINFREY, J.M., Private

WOOD, Anderson, Private; died 6/1/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

WOOD, T.J., Private; deserted 7/25/1863

WOODFORD, J.B., Private

WOODFORD, W.C., Private

WRIGHT, James S., Private

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