Company E, 27th Alabama Inf., C.S.A.

Company E

Company E --- Lauderdale County

ABERNATHY, John, Private

ALEXANDER, Thomas, Private

ALLEN, H.D., Sgt

ANDREWS, Robert, Capt.

ANDREWS, T.M., Private

BARNETT, James W., Private; died 6/13/1863, Ft. Deleware, Del.

BARNETT, Zachariah, Private

BELSON, W.B., Capt.

BOWEN, E.B., Private

BROWN, James, (?); POW at Camp Douglas, Ill., Joined Federal Service

BROWN, Jancel, Private; died 6/21/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BURK, B.Y., Private

BURNETT, Zack (?), Private

BURNETT, James W., Private

BURROUGHS, James H., Private; see also Burrow

BYNUM, S.E., Cpl.

CAGLE, J., Private

CONNER, A.J., 1st Sgt.

COTTRELL, Geo. W., Cpl.; deserted 10/31/1862, Lauderdale Springs, Miss.

COX, Hiram, Cpl.

CROSS, J.A., Private

CRUMP, W.G.H., Cpl.


DOUGLAS, N.H., Private; deserted 8/27/1963, Newton, Miss.

EDWARDS, B., Private

ELLIS, Edward T., Private

ENGLE, E.H., Sgt.

ENGLISH, James P., Private

FORESYTH, G.W., Private

FOSTER, A.C., Private

FRENCH, Garrett, Private

FRENCH, James, Private; deserted 3/4/1863

FULKS, John, Private

FULKS, Marida, Private

GEHU, S.M., Private

GERRARD, William G., Private

GREEN, Ed, Private

GREEN, Leonard, Private

HARRISON, James Marion, Private; discharged 12/12/1863, Canton, Miss.

HILL, William H., Private; took Oath 11/15/1864, Nashville, Tenn.

HOLDEN, C.C., Private; deserted 8/27/1863, Newton, Miss.

HOLT, J.Tilford, Private

HOOD, W.C., 1st Sgt.; discharged 12/12/1863, Canton, Miss.

HOUSE, James, Private; died Camp Douglas, Ill.

JAMES, Charles, Private

JOHNSON, Edwin, Private

JOHNSTON, Erwin, Private

JOINER, T.L., Private; died 8/7/1863, Mobile, Ala.

JONES, Charles, Private; died 4/1/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

JONES, T.A., Capt.

KEENER, J.S., Cpl.

KILLEN, Daniel D., Cpl.

KILLEN, D.M., Private

KILLEN, H.A., 1st Lt.

LANDROOP, John, Private; deserted 8/20/1863, McDowell Landing, Ala.


LILES, James, Private

LILES, Stephen, Private

MASSEY, Richard, H., Private; deserted 8/15/1863

MAXWELL, J.W., Private

McCALL, J., Private


McINHER, J.A., Private

McMAHEN, J.A., 2nd Lt.

McMAHEN, R.A., Sgt.

MORTON, E., Private


NIXON, J.B., Private

ODEN, Britten B., Private; died 1/27/1865, Nashville, Tenn.

PETTUS, W.W., 1st Lt.

QUILLEN, William M.,Private

RACHELS, John J., Private; discharged 11/1/1862

READER, L.T., Private

RICHARDSON, James, Bvt. 2nd Lt.

RICHARDSON, J.M., Private; deserted 3/28/1864

RITTER, L.T., Private; died in prison

RITTLER, John, Private

ROBBERSON, J.B., Private

ROE, William P., (?); died 6/27/62, Newsom Hosp.

RORAX, J.W., Private

ROSS, B.F., Private; deserted 4/20/1863, Nichol's Landing, Ala.

SHELTON, T.B., Private; died, Columbus, GA

SIMES, W.H., Private

SIMMONS, G.W., Private

SPRUELL, G.T., Private

STEWART, C.D., Private

TAYLOR, W.H., Private

THIGPEN, Amos M., Private

THIGPEN, R.F.M., Private

THOMPSON, James, Private; died 8/3/1863, Lauderdale, Miss.


THRASHER, M.J., Private

WALDROP, Jasper, Private

WALKER, T.C., Private

WALTON, T.H., Private

WATKINS, J.W., (?); died Jan. 1863, Clinton, LA.

WILLIAMS, J.J., Private

WILLIAMS, J.L., Private

WILLIAMS, D.P., Private

YARBOROUGH, J.W., (?); died 4/1/1862, Camp Douglas.

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