Company F, 27th Alabama Inf., C.S.A.

Company F

Company F --- Madison County, Alabama

ADAMS, T.T., Private; deserted 8/23/1863

ARMSTRONG, James S, Cpl.

BARNES, Clark, Private

BEARD, James A., Private; died 5/9/1862, Camp Douglas

BELL, Jesse, Private

BEVIL, William P., Private

BOLES, John S., 1st Sgt.

BRAGG. James T., Private; died4/6/1863, Clinton, La.

BRAGG, L.H., Private

BRAGG, Sanford C., Private

BRANCH, John W., Private

BRITTON, G.H., Private; deserted 5/10/1863


BRUNER, Michael A., Private

BURDINE, R.B., Private; died 7/10/1863, Lauderdale Springs, Miss.

BULISON, Edward, Private

BYRD, Akrel T., Private

BYRD, ISAAC W., Private

BYRNE, J., Private; died 6/30/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

CAMEL, G.W., Private,

CAMPBELL, Alfred, Private

CAMPBELL, Morgan, Private

CAMPBELL, S., Private

CARMICHAEL, David, Private

CARMICHAEL, George, Private

CARTER, Reuben A., Private

CARTER, W.J., Private

CHILDRIS, J.G., Private

CLARK, John S., Private

CONNELLY, John W., Private

COOK, James D., Private

COOK, Joseph J., Private

COOK, William C., Private

CORN, John B., Capt.; killed 11/8/1863

CRINER, William C., 2nd Lt.

CROCKER, William W., Private

CRUTCHER, John B., 1st Lt.

CRUTCHER, William H., Private

DARRILL, John, Private

DAUGHERTY, Henry C., Private

DEAN, Joseph C., Private

DORMAN, Andrew J., Private

DOUGLAS, Geo. M., Private

FOWLER, John C., Private

FOXWORTH, Levi, Private

FREEMAN, G.W., Private

FREEMAN, James M., Private; joined Union service 8/1/1863

FREEMAN, William D., Private; joined Union service 8/1/1863

FULLER, Amos, Private

FULTON, Burgess, Private

FUQUA, W.J., Private, deserted 6/10/1863

GHORMLEY, J.W., Private; deserted 6/10/1863

GIBSON, A.G., Private; deserted 8/10/1863

GILMORE, Starling, Musician

GODFREY, John H., Private

GOLD, Jasper N., Private

GOLDEN, George W., Private

GOODNER, R.C., Private

GRIFFITH, B.D., Private

GRIMMETT, Thomas B., Private; deserted 1864

HALL, Andrew, Private

HAMBRICK, Joseph C., Sgt.; deserted 6/10/1863

HAMBRICK, J.H., Private; deserted 6/10/1863

HAMIL, John M., 2nd Lt.

HARRELL, John F., Private

HAWKINS, D.W., Private

HERNDON, George W., Private

HERNDON, Hiram, Private

HIGHTOWER, James E., Cpl.

HILL, Bradford, Private

HILL, J.C., Private

HUTTO, James W., Private

IRBY, Thomas M., Private; deserted 8/23/1863

JACKS, John H., 2nd Lt.; resigned 2/11/1865

KEY, Hezekiah E., Private

LAMB, Josiah R., Cpl.

LAMMONS, Murdock, Private

LAUGHINGHOUSE, Joseph E., Private; discharged 10/13/1863, joined Union forces 9/26/1864

LEE, William, Private

LEHR, William, Private; taken prisoner at Baker's Creek and joined Union forces

LONG, John, Private

LOONY, John, Private; discharged 9/28/1862

MALONE, A.J., Private

MALONE, J.W., Private

MANN, Thomas, Private; deserted 12/23/1864

MARTIN, Francis M., Private

MAY, Alexander, Private; died at Camp Douglas

McCARTNEY, C.W., Private; died 8/18/1863, Jackson, La.

McCLOUD, Daniel, Private

McCOY, Alexander H.C., Private

McELROY, W.M., Private

McLZEA, John W., Private; deserted 8/23/1863

McGARDEN, Jas., (?), died before 4/23/1964

McGRIN, R.L., Private; died 4/6/1863, Atlanta, Ga.

MILES, Samuel R. Private

MILES, W.J., Private

MILLER, W.J., Private

MILLS, Joseph E., Private

MOLEY, W.B., Private

MOORE, R.L., Private

MORRIS, B.H., Private

MOSELY, W.B., Private

NORRIS, C.H., Private; died 5/13/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

PAGE, George W., Private

PAGE, Richard N, Private; deserted 4/15/1865

PARKMAN, George W.L., Sgt.

PARKS, Butler M., Private

PARKS, Ralph B., Musician

PARSON, William A., Private

PATTERSON, Isaac W., Cpl.

PATTERSON, Joseph G., Private

PEACOCK, Ashley P., Cpl.

PETTEY, Newton E., Pvt.; deserted 12/23/1864

PIERCE, G.W., Private; died 7/8/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

POWELL, Levi K., Sgt.

RICE, M., Bvt. 2nd Lt.

RIGNEY, F.J., Private

RITTER, John, Private; discharged 10/24/1862, Grenada, Miss.

ROBERTS, M.P., Capt.

RODGERS, R.C., Private

RODGERS, W.J., Private

ROSWELL, A.B., Private

SANSBURG, John N., Sgt.


SHAW, Harris, Private

SMITHEY, Uriah, Private

SMITHEY, J.M., Private

SNEED, E.B., Private; died August 1863, Chester, Penn.

SNEED, J.R., Private

SNEED, William W., Private

SNELL, Ellis W., Private

SNELL, Vandy V., Private

SOOT, Benjamin S., 1st Lt; escaped from Camp Douglas, Ill.

SPELCE, John, Private

STONE, W.M., Private

STRONG, Robert N., Sgt.

THORNTON, John T., Private

WALDIN, Patrick, Private

WAMACK, James M., Private

WEBB, J.N., Private; deserted 8/23/1863

WHITE, R.G., Private; took Oath 10/27/1864

WHITE, W.C., Private

WILLIAMSON, Abner H., Private

WINDHAM, Thomas, Private

WINDHAM, Wright, 1st Sgt.

WORD, B.F., Private

YARBOROUGH, James N., Private

YARBROUGH, G.W., Private; died 4/1/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

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