Company G, 27th Alabama Inf., C.S.A.

Company G

Company G --- Franklin County, Alabama

ADAMS, James P., Private

AMOS, George W., Private

ANDERSON, Nelson, Private

ANDERSON, Sydney S., Capt.

BAGGETT, James H, Private

BAYLES, James M., Private; deserted 12/16/1862, Russellville, Ala.

BAYLES, William, Private

BEAN, James S., Private

BELLEVINS, Andrew J., Private; see also BLEVINGS

BIRD, B.S., Private

BOWEN, George D., Sgt.

BOYLES, W.D., Private

BROCK, William D., Private

BROWN, Joseph G., Private; died 7/15/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BROM, J.W., Private; died 7/29/64, Eufaula, Ala.

BULLARD, Newton. L. C., Private

BUSH, Silas, Private

CARR, Joseph M., Private

CARTER, John W., Private

CHANELL, James T., Private

CHANNELL, Henry J., Private

CLAUNCH, D.J., Private

COAN, James E., Private; deserted September 1863

CONDREY, Denis, Private

COOK, James W., Private

COOK, William C., Private

COOPER, Thomas M., Sgt.

CREAMER, Jasper, Private

CREAMER, William, Private

DANFORD, John M., Private

DERRICK, Anderson, Private; died 11/21/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

DRAKE, Jabus M., Private; deserted 7/24/1863

DUNCAN, Jonathon, Private

DUNN, Henry, Private

DUNN, R.W., Private; died 3/12/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

EAST, William, 2nd Lt.

FIKE, James A., Sgt.

FIKE, John J., (?); died before 7/15/1864

FLEMMING, Charles F., Sgt.

GARRIS, George W., Private

GOODSON, Noel H., Cpl.

HALDEN, Richard, Private

HAMILTON, H.G., Private; died 5/24/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

HARGET, James, Private

HARGET, John, Private

HAYNES, Henry T., 2nd Lt.

HOLLAND, William W., Private


HOLMES, Benjamin F., Private

HUNT, Willis G., Private

HURST, Robert, 2nd Sgt.

HURST, Thomas; deserted 5/16/1865

HURST, William, Private

ISBEL, Henry, Private; died 3/11/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

ISBELL, William A., Capt.

JOHNSON, Andrew P., Private

JONES, James H., Private

KANEDAY, Joseph, Private

KEELAN, Thomas O., Private

KELLEY, George, Private

KIMBRO, Benjamin F., Cpl.

KIMBRO, George W., Cpl.

KIMBRO, Morelon, Private

KING, Joseph F., Cpl.; died prior to 11/3/1863

KING, John W., Private

KNIGHT, Charles A., Private

LAWSON, Joseph W., Private

LOGAN, Washington, Private; deserted September 1863

LONG, Joseph, Private; deserted 7/24/1863

LOTT, Arthur, Private

LOUIS, Hanson, Private

MARONEY, Middleton, Private; deserted September 1863

McCOLOUGH, T.E., Capt.

McDANIEL, F.C., Private

McGILVVARY, Malcom, Private

McINNIS, Peter, Private


McKINON, Alexander M., Private

McKORKLE, Louis, Private; deserted 7/4/1863

McRAE, Alexander R., Private

McRAE, Daniel C., Private

MESSINGER, Asa M., 2nd Lt.

MOORE, Henry H., Private

MORLAND, Haywood H., Private

NIX, Pleasant, Cpl.

NORRIS, William, Private

PARTON, Hubbard, Private

PHILLIPS, Sanford J., Private

RAINES, W.D., Private; died 3/12/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

REA, A.M., Sgt.; died 11/12/1863, Durant, Miss.

REA, Robert J., Private

REA, Willis C., Private; deserted August 1863

ROBINSON, J.H., 2nd Lt.

ROBINSON, John, Private

ROUNTREE, John I., Private

RUSSELL, James, Private; died 3/3/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

SCHULTZ, William A., 1st Sgt.

SIMMONS, James, Musician

SIMPSON, William, 2nd Lt.

SIMS, S.J., Private

SLAUGHTER, William H., Private

SMITH, Isac D., Private

SMITH, Leroy, Private

SMITH, William L., Private

SMITH, William R., 1st Sgt.

STAFFORD, Robert, Private; deserted September 1863

STANLEY, Thomas, Private

STEEL, W.C., Private; died at Camp Douglas, Ill.

STEPHENS, James D., Private

STEWART, J.W., Private

STRICKLIN, Lott, Private

STRINGER, Benjamin B., Private

SUGG, James, Private

SWEATMAN, Joseph B., Private; deserted 6/6/1863, Jackson, Miss.

TAYLOR, Lemick, Private

TAYLOR, Richard F., Private; died 3/19/1865, Camp Douglas, Ill., bd Block 3, Chicago City Cemetery

TAYLOR, T.J., Private; died 2/25/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

TEAL, Daniel, Private

TEW, Hezekiah, Cpl.

TEW, James A., Private

TEW, Peter F., Private

WALDEN, Newton Jurden, Private; died 11/21/1863, Lauderdale Springs, Miss.

WALDEN, Richard, Private; deserted 6/30/1863, Jackson, Miss.

Walker, Wilbern, Private; deserted 9/8/1863, Russellville, Ala.

WATSON, T.M., Private; died prior to 2/26/1864

WATSON, W.S., Private; took Oath 11/10/1863

WESTBROOK, John M., Private

WHISNANT, Henry, Private; deserted June 1863, Russellville, Ala.

WILLIAMS, Caleb, Private

WILLIAMSON, Henry, Private; died April 1863

WILLIAMSON, Thomas T., Private

WILSON, William, Private; died 8/9/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

WINSTEAD, William, Private; died 9/10/1862, Vicksburg, Miss.

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