Company I, 27th Alabama Inf., C.S.A.

Company I

Company I --- Lawrence County, Alabama

ATKINS, R.H., Private

BARNETT, James I., Private

BASS, Ephram, Private

BASS, Willis, Private

BEDDINGFIELD, James, Private

BENHAM, William A., Private

BETINGFIELD, James, Private; died 8/26/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

BLAIR, William S., Private

BRADLEY, John, Private

BROWN, S.C., 1st Lt.

BRYANT, William, Private

BUNDY, Willis, Private

BUTCHER, Gabriel, Sr., Private; deserted 8/27/1863

BUTCHER, Gabriel, Jr., Private; deserted 8/27/1863

BUTLER, J.W.M., Private

BUTLER, J.W., Private; died 2/20/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

BUTLER, Minor V., Private

CALLAHAN, Henry C., Private; deserted December 1862

CARLISLE, Francis J., Private

CARR, James J., Private

CHANDLER, M.T., Private; deserted 5/16/1863

CHANDLER, W,J., Private; deserted 8/27/1863

COFFEE, Nimrod T., Sgt.

COLEMAN, Albert, Private

COMER, J.W., 2nd Lt.

COMMANDER, Jesse S,F., Private

CORUM, Thornton, Private

CROFT, William C., 2nd Lt.; died 3/13/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

CRONEY, Benjamin, Private

CRONEY, Noah, Private

CRONEY, W.P., Private

CROWSON, John, Private


CUBSTEAD, Henry C., Private

CUNNINGHAM, J.M., 1st Lt.; resigned 8/25/1863

CUNNINGHAM, J.W., 1st Sgt.

DADON, W.M., Lt.

DAVIDSON, Rufus A., Sgt.

DAVIDSON, Sherrard M., Private

DILLARD, Elizah, Private

ELLIS, Charles C., Private

FERGUSON, James, Private

FOWLER, William J., Private

GODWIN, Eldridge D., 1st Sgt.

GRISHAM, Bales A., Sgt.

GRISHAM, W.P., Private

HARAWAY, Benjamin, Private

HENSON, John, Private; died 8/6/1863, Petersburg, Va.

HERRON, John J., Private

HERSTON, Samuel B., Private

HOLBERT, A.J., Private

HOLMES, Henry, Private

HORN, Daniel H., Private

HURN, John, Private

JONES, Joseph, Private

JUDKINS, J.C., Jr., Capt.

KERBO, George, Private

KERBO, M.N., Private; deserted 8/1/1863

KING, James M., Private; deserted May 1864

KNIGHT, Benjamin, Private

LAMBERT, Joel, Cpl.

MARTIN, J.W., Private

MARTINDALE, Joseph F., Cpl.

McCARTNEY, James, Private; died 8/7/1862, New Orleans, La.

McCARTNEY, Robert, Private

McCORMICK, G.D., Private

McGHEE, H.A., Capt.

McGHEE, Silas, 2nd Lt.

MIXON, W.C., 1st Lt.

NAPIER, James M., 2nd Lt.

NEWBERRY, Albert H., Private

NICHOLS, William, Private; died 12/19/1864

NORTON, John J., Private

NUGENT, James, Private

NUGENT, Samuel F., Private; died 7/22/1863, Vicksburg, Miss.

NUNLEY, Thomas C., Private; deserted 8/26/1863

ONEAL, Milton C., Cpl.

OWEN, John H., Private

OWEN, Samuel, Private

PATRICK, James, Private; died 3/15/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

PEACOCK, Joseph H., Cpl.

PERKINSON, Lafayette, Private

PERKINSON, William, Private

PIGG, William C., Private

RATCLIFF, J., (?); died 5/22/1862

RAY, A.S., Sgt.

RAY, Hiram R., Cpl.

RAY, H.L., Capt.

RAY, H.S., Private; deserted 4/27/1863

RAY, Reilly, Private

ROMINES, Peter, Private; deserted 7/22/1863

RUDD, James D., Private

SANDERS, Amas A., Sgt.

SHANE, Bayliss B., Private

SHOEMAKER, Charles, Private

SHOEMAKER, Richard, Private

SMITH, John P., Private

SNELLGROVE, William J., Sgt.

SNODGRASS, Thomas, Private

SORRELL, John, Private

STANFORD, F.M., Private

STANFORD, Mason, Private


TAYLOR, Thomas J., 1st Lt.

THOMAS, William C., Private; deserted 8/23/1863

THORNTON, John H., Private

TRIBBLE, John, Private

VADEN, Mark W., Bvt. 2nd Lt.

WALLACE, Samuel, Private; deserted 8/27/1863

WHITEHEAD, Jones, Private; died 1863

WILBANKS, James A., Private

WILLIAMS, Louis C., Cpl.

WILLIAMS, Presley S., Private

WILLIAMS, S.A., (?), died 3/27/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

WILSON, William C., Private

ZIMMERMAN, John R., Private; died 6/25/1862, Ft. Deleware, Del.

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