Company K, 27th Alabama Inf., C.S.A.

Company K

Company K --- Lauderdale County, Alabama

ADAMS, Andrew J, Private

AGEE, W.A., Cpl.

ASTON, Charles J., Private

BARNES, James N., Private

BEAVER, R.A., Private; deserted 4/4/1863, Hillsborough, Ala.

BEAVER, W.C., 1st Sgt.

BOOK (BROOK), J.M., Private

BORDEN, James, Private; deserted Nov. 1862, Tuscumbia, Ala.

BOYCE, William A., 1st Lt.

BRACKEN, John, Private; died 3/1/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

BRADLEY, J.C., Private

BROOK, Dudley M., Private

BROOK, J.W., Private

CHAPMAN, James H., Private

CHAPMAN, L.P., Private

CRAFT, Absolem, Private; deserted 5/20/1963, Crystal Springs, Miss.

CRAGS, McGrady, Private; deserted 5/1/1862, Corinth, Miss.

CRAWFORD, Elbert, Private

DAVENPORT, John, Private; died before 2/24/1864

DAVIDSON, Joseph D., Private

DAWSON, J.G., Private; deserted 3/3/1863

DAWSON, Joseph, Private

DAWSON, Robert, Private; deserted 3/3/1863

DEES, Edmond, Private

DEVENPORT, John, Private; deserted 4/7/1862

FREEMAN, R. Johnson, Private

FRENCH, Benjamin, M., Sgt.

FULLER, James, Private

GIBSON, W.T., Private

GOLDEN, Jef. K., Private

GRIMES, A.J., Private; died 5/28/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

GRIMES, William F., Private

GRUSHAM, Wily, Private

HALL, W.H., Private

HAWKINS, Philip, Private; took Oath 9/5/1862

HELMS, Joel, Private

HENDRIX, Whitfield S., 1st Sgt.

HIGHFIELD, A.J., Private; died 3/13/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

HORTON, J.C., 3rd Lt.

HORTON, J.M., Private; deserted Aug. 1863, Forest Station, Miss.

JONES, Raymond L., Private

KING, Brewer, Cpl.

LANDERS, Felix, Private; deserted 5/20/1863, Crystal Springs, Miss.

LANDERS, James, Private; died 9/19/1862, McDowell Landing, Ala.

McGEHEE, Thomas, M., Capt.

MELTON, George W., Private

MILTON, G.W., Private; discharged 2/4/1863

MISSILDINE, John K., Private

MITCHELL, Ananias, Private

NICHOLS, B.F., Private

NICKLES, R.C., Private

PATRICK, J.J., Private; died 3/7/1862

PATRICK, John W., Private

PATRICK, Martin, Private; died 3/14/1862, St. Louis, Mo.

PATTERSON, G.S., Private; died 6/16/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

PEARSON, James A., 1st Lt.

PEPPERS, Henry C., Private

RANDOLPH, Abraham, Private

RANDOLPH, John B., Private

RANDOLPH, J.M., Private

RANDOLPH, J.S., Private; died 1864

RANDOLPH, Samuel, Private

REESE, John, Private

REID, John, Private

RICHARDSON, Wilson E., Private

RIDER, A.C., (?), died 3/12/1862

ROTON, Archie, Private; died 3/12/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

RUCKER, George M., Sgt.

RUCKER, William, Private; deserted Aug. 1863, Forest Station, Miss.

SANDERSON, Douglas, Private; deserted 4/1/1863, Port Hudson, La.

SCOGINS, W.G., Private

SCOGINS, W.J., Private

SHEPPARD, Jefferson, Private

SHIELDS, Jefferson J., Private

SIMMONS, John, Private

SIMMONS, L.C., Private; deserted 4/1/1863, Marietta, Ala.

SMITH, Levi, Private

SMITH, Samuel W.W., Private


STOKES, William, Private

THOMAS, Solomon, Sgt.

TILLIS, Temple, Private

VANDOVER, George W., Private; died 12/9/1863, Nashville, Tenn.

WAGGONER, W.M., Private

WALDREP, Edmond, Private

WALDREP, Watson D., Cpl.

WALLACE, George H., 2nd Lt.

WATSON, D.L., Private; deserted 5/16/1863, Crystal Springs, Miss.

WEEMS, James W., Private

WESLEY, William, Private

WILSON, P.W., Cpl.; died 7/3/1862, Camp Douglas, Ill.

WINGET, Richard, Private

YELVERTON, William G., Capt.

YOUNG, Anderson H., Private

YOUNG, Sion W., 2nd Lt.; resigned 11/2/1863

ZILLS, James P., Private

ZILLS, W.P., Private

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