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Using Elevation Contours to Find Tell Madaba

Installed on 03 Apr 2011. Latest update 17 Apr 2011.
(Title was changed on 17 April 2011.)
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Location of Madaba Jordan
Map of Israel and Jordan showing location of Madaba
Highways in vicinity of Amman and Madaba
Highways in vicinity of Amman and Madaba

If you use Google Earth to view Madaba at Lat 31 43' N, Long 35 48' E, you might be hard pressed to see where the mound of Tell Madaba is located. Thats's because the city has grown up all around it. Here is a Google Earth image of Madaba with photograph locations turned off.

Madaba without photo locations

Google Earth image of Madaba, Jordan

To call attention to the Tell, I used Google Earth's elevation readout along with its Add Path function to create elevation contours spaced at 25 feet intervals. After doing this, it becomes apparent where the mound is. According to the Google Earth Digital Elevation Model (GE DEM) the highest elevation on the mound is 2624 feet (800 meters). On the image below, the mound is coincident with the ovoid contour line in the center of the black one-mile-square box.


Annotated Google Earth image of Madaba, Madaba Governorate, Jordan

The coordinates of the highest point of the mound are 31 42' 53" N, 35 47' 36" E. The border of the Tell Madaba Archaeological Project (TMAP) area of interest is identified by the dark-red square.

The following two maps are copied from the TMAP Preliminary Report - 1996 Field Season.

1996 site map

Figure 1

1996 site map

Figure 2

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