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Shade Tree Physics - Fun Stuff


Large Circular Structure 2.3 Km Northwest of Dhiban, Madaba, Jordan
Halley's Comet, 12 BC
Communicating with Porpoises
Rainwater Delivery of Mushroom Spores?
Hubble Space Telescope Mirror
How to Develop a Photographic Memory
Biological Holograms as a Memory Mechanism
Digital Holograms
The Astro-nomer's Theme Song
Clouds Are Us
Coffee Clouds
Navy Phantom Breaking the Sound Barrier
Don't go to 3-D Movies!
A Pinhole Camera Oddity
Find the Red Sea
Solar Eclipse - July 11, 1991
Star Map in Galactic Perspective
Star Atlas in Galactic Perspective
Commentary on Star Atlas

Radiation Physics

Infra-red Christmas Card
CD V-700 Geiger Counter - Tech Info

Kitchen Sink Physics

Bending Water - Dipoles in action
Ice Flash
Kerzot - Electrical water lifting
Thunk Tank - Hydraulic hammer
Rainwater Bacteria Experiment