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USS Ruff MSC(O)-54

Coastal Mine Sweeper (Old)
Formerly USS YMS-327 and USS Ruff AMS-54

For a history of the USS Ruff, see the Ruff excerpt from the
Dictionary of Anerican Naval Fighting Ships

Crew Members

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USS YMS-327 Map
YMS-327 location near Okinawa on 04 May 1945

USS Ruff
San Francisco, CA - 1964

USS Ruff

The "Galley" - Main Deck - 1964

USS Ruff
Everett Harbor - Everett, WN - 1964

USS Ruff
Long Beach, CA? - 1965?

USS Ruff
Puget Sound, WN - 1966

For other photos of USS Ruff, see
NavSource Online: Mine Warfare Vessel Photo Archive

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