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Robert Prescott

I don't recall to much, mind is a little foggy after 50 plus years. I was transferred from Norfolk to Charleston in 1952 to re-commission the USS GWIN from a DD to a DMS at Charleston Navy Yard. In 53 I transferred to the RUFF. She was berthed at the foot of Calhoun St. Downtown Charleston. It is now the Charleston Yacht Basin. There were a few AMS's there. Can't remember any names on the ship, but our CO was LTJG and the XO was an Ens. I owned a restaurant on Meeting St. When the Navy found out (about the restaurant) I was made to sell it or face disciplinary action. Then we sailed to Panama City, where I was discharged in Pensacola in 54. I am still a little peed because when I was transferred to the Ruff the GWIN sailed for 4 months to the MED, so I never got any further than Charleston and South Florida. I visit Charleston quite often the Restaurant is now a travel agency. The building of course is very, very old and when I was there I fronted a speak easy as it were, South Carolina was dry then, Charleston was full of near beer joints. It was a full Navy town as was Norfolk. Now the base is closed and the town is mostly tourists. If you are in touch with anyone who was aboard when I was have them get in touch with me, I now live in Orlando Fl, but you have my email address.