: anyone trying to SELL info is LAME AS SHIT........... Doesnt anyone : follow the HACKER ethic, or has that died along with all the good HaCkeRs?

Hacker ethics died when the Feds were busting people left and right during SunDevil and beyond. The catalyst to drop the 'everything for free' nature came in 3-parts.

1: Those busted getting no support in their litigations.

2: Those going legit being blackballed by the system.

3: Feds going undercover and busting you for the info, or your friends.

History has taught hackers well. You can trade all you want and purveyor in the 'how to's of the system. But, if you provide actuals you will be busted. These cases are exemplified in the E911 case against Neidorf, the formation and downfall of ComSec (sp) by the former LOD members, and recent activity by the DoJ.

Ethics of Hacking
by Knight Ward

Hacking has Ethics you ask? Of course, though the media makes it seem like we are crimanals, only a
few of us are. I true hacker lives to know. A true hacker does not break into a system and delete its file
system, plant and run viruses or try to destory the data within. These however, seem to be the most
known characterics of the "New Generation". These newbies, who most likly got a computer and
internet as a present, and only know the basic of whatever OS their system came with have a lot to

They see a program, and they weigh the trouble of learning to use it well over how destructive it is. True
hackers use annoymous mail to cloak themselves, not send mail bombs. True hackers do not use
Winnuke, or anyother DoS attack, unless it is to gain access to a server/network or in a act of self
defense. Some of the newbies out there today, get a program like Winnuke simply to see how many
people they can take out, if they'd research it a litle more, they'd find out anyone with a patch is more
then likly immune to Winnuke.

True hackers, after the first week or so, releize that if they keep asking for help, without even trying to
find the answer will get flamed. These newbies, when fianlly gaining access to a system try to take it out.
They try to employ programs like BO or Netbus, simply so they can use the term "Hacker" on there
name. They are Wrong! More then likly they don't understand how the program even works, edvience
alone on any hacking msg board, newbies asking questions without reading. 

Granted, I do not beleive I should be called a true hacker yet. yet I know the difference beteewn
hacking and crashing, something more then likly the newbies will do. That or become a Warez Pirate, so
they can be "k00l" or "313373" they have yet to understand what a hacker truly is, and most likly never